First Birthday Wish Messages for Baby Boy

Hey, my handsome boy is about one year. A special moment in my life. How can I forget that precious time when the nurse puts you in my arms. You gave me a cute smile that released my all pain. I wish that you have a healthy life ahead. Keep smiling my child. Have a blast on your special day. You are a special gift from God for us. I wish you would become a powerful Superman who has the ability to bear the hardship of life with strength. Love you, my child, stay happy, keep giggling and stay blessed.

I am so happy today as it’s my nephew’s big day. How I can stay calm as it’s my pretty cool, handsome boy’s birthday. Aunt loves you so much and wishes that you always remain happy and get whatever you wish for, you are the special blessing for our family. I forget my tensions when I see you and you play with me. Your smile is the best key to fresh up and boosts my energy. Keep giggling my super cute nephew. I love you much and a lot of kisses and hugs for you my superstar. Congratulations my dear, happy birthday.

On this special occasion, I wish you a happy birthday to my little cute boy. You are my strength, my reason to live and my stress reducer. You are the shining star of my life. I wish you as you grow no worries become a part of your life. You have a good fortune and whatever you want in life you get. I pray that God bless you with health, prosperity, wealth and luck. You become a powerful man like your dad. I wish you become a brave, loyal and strong man who can bear all hardship of lives without losing hope. Stay blessed my child happy birthday and keep smiling.

My dear little handsome brother, I wish you a happy birthday. You are sweet candy that God gifted to me. I wish we become true friends and become a strength of our parents. I love when you grab my hairs with your little hands or clap when I sing a poem for you. You are my best friend to whom I love to share all my toys and stuff. I wish that you remain happy and become a naughty just like me. Happy birthday, my little munchkin, my cute little brother.

It seems a dream, that you were born and now you have turned one. The whole year was awesome, full of the precious memories that we gather together. Your first smile when you stare at me, your first time saying me mama, and your first step for a walk, all are such amazing moments that filled my heart with joy and happiness. When you create a mess with toys, food and throw things from cupboards all give me happiness as it gives a proof of your sharp and active mind. I wish that you remain active and sharp throughout your life so that you can face the world with an active mind. I wish you the best birthday, my superboy.

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