Family Get together Invitation Messages


The purpose of writing this message is to give you an invitation to a family get-together. It has been a long time since we met and all of us needed a refreshment. As we all know that without meeting our loved ones the relationship fades. So, the best thing about this is a reunion. My father was eagerly waiting to organize the function, so he requested me yesterday to arrange something in this regard. He wants to spend quality time with all of you and he misses all of you in every family gathering.

I do not want to break his heart and according to his will, I am going to organize a little family party. The problem which has occurred at our family function last year has been fixed up, so I am hopeful that this time you are not going to face this problem again. All our close relatives have been invited and I have sent a message to my grandmother and grandfather as well and have requested them to be with us at this auspicious moment. This reunion will be held on the weekend at our place. I want to ask for your opinion too if you want to add something in this regard. Please bring Anaya and Annie along with you as it has been a long time, I have met them. Thank you.


Hope you all have been doing well. As you know well that Diwali is around the corner, and we arrange a small party in this regard every year. Last year, due to lockdown we couldn’t arrange any party and we missed our great union. This time, I am arranging a Diwali party and all of you are invited to attend the event as this is the best option for a family get-together. I have sent invitation messages to all my relatives too and the party will be held after the Diwali celebration. There is going to be a great chill at the party. The dress code for Diwali is green and yellow and I want your opinion too in this regard. You can also suggest to me any idea to ameliorate the program and your support will be highly appreciated. I was eagerly waiting to meet you and was waiting for Diwali. I hope that you will come must on Diwali and will enjoy all the arrangements that I have made.


Dear Matilda, this message is going to be a great surprise for you as I have arranged a family get-together next week. I cordially invite you along with your family to attend the party at my place and it will be hosted on 22nd February. The theme for the party is red. There are amazing surprises and games that are waiting for you, and I want you to attend must. I cannot wait for the day when we all be together again. I am looking forward to getting a positive response from you.


Isn’t it amazing that time flies so quickly and finally the time for a family reunion has come? I have arranged a small get-together with our near and distant relatives on March 22nd at Atlantic Beach. At a special discounted rate, I have also rented some villas near the beach. As you know well that people of every age can have fun activities in this location. I want all of you to make one of your favorite dishes. There is surely going to be a time of catching up, many laughs, and memory-making. You can ask about further details of the event from Harry as he is dealing with all the arrangements. I hope you will join us in the family get-together and I cannot wait to see you and your family at the party.


It has been almost three years that our family has united. I am going to invite all of you to a family reunion at my place. I hope to see all of you on the shores of Niagara Falls on 25th January. The get-together is going to be a fantastic one. Our last reunion was held at Manchester Bay and almost 70 people were there so this year we are having a large gathering and we will meet several new faces there. There will be barbecue, fries and a lot of drinks that will be served. Please mark the date in your calendar and get ready for our family reunion.


Hello John, how have you been? It has been a long time since we met and now, I am planning to arrange a get-together for all our family members. I remember our childhood days when we all used to spend nights together watching movies and telling jokes. Those were the best days of our lives when we had not worried, and I am glad that I have spent the best days of my life with you. The time has gone when we used to hang out on daily basis and now, we hardly meet each other. There is going to be great fun at our get-together and we will make this reunion a memorable one. I’m very excited to meet all of you again and please let me know in response to this message if you are coming for getting together.

Family Get together Invitation Messages 

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