Death Anniversary Messages

If you love someone from the bottom of your heart & he leaves this world, it does never mean that your love for him fades away but you only learn to live without him. Although that learning is the most difficult erudition in the world yet life teaches us to continue living even without those to whom we make so many pledges never to leave them alone. It also tells us the reality of promises we fake with each other out of love when there exists no practical standing.

Death is a state that only separates our bodies but it can never put an end to the love we have for each other. We are always connected to our loved ones who have moved to some other world; the connection that keeps them alive in our hearts even when they are gone is the soul to soul bond which is unbreakable & the best of all bonds.

Death is nothing but the ceremonial of leaving one world in order to move to the next. My loved one I know you are waiting there for me & shall we move together to the eternal life. It’s hard to say that I am looking forward to meeting you soon but I wish to Lord when I breathe my last, you are the very first soul I meet on my departure from this world.

The sky filled with stars is a kind of glimpse into the eternal world. It seems as if those are not the stars which have filled the sky but our loved ones who are there looking & peeping into our lives in a different way.

Death is merely an initiative into the state of the bizarre & inexperienced world. There are probabilities that the element of death beholds; it could be a massive far away land which is inhabited & soggy & totally unspoken. Although death has been present in this world since life came into being on earth yet it is still a complete mystery backing up a secretive world.

The only thing that is left with us after we part from any of our loved ones who die & leave us to bear extreme grief is their never-fading memories. The memories they made with us are all in all after they are no more in this pathetic world. Commemorations don’t carry any weigh & are easily cartable in our brains, so we can move anywhere under the blue sky assisted by those beautiful records which are fairly enough for a span of a lifetime.

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