Wedding Anniversary Messages for Wife

You don’t mind me being crazy & doing childish acts as it’s in my nature. You let me be what I actually am. You love me with such zeal & zest that I never thought myself eligible of. You cherish my good points & bury my flaws in the graveyard of your heart that is meant to conceal my handicaps only. Thank you for showing me this level of love & care which is challenging to find these days. I wish you a very happy anniversary from the depths of my heart.

Before you entered my life, I was living in a state of nothingness. But when we met & disclosed our love for each other, life became as beautiful as living a dream. You accomplished me in every way. I needed love & care & you showered it upon me. This is only the first year of our togetherness, & I behold it for the centuries to come. You are ever there in my annihilated hours when a person needs someone badly. Your support & love is unconditional for me & I am highly obliged for it. Happy anniversary to the queen of my heart.

This day is a reminder to me that Almighty loves me a lot for He gave me the best of His creations for the whole life. I am grateful to Him for this greatest favor ever. This memorable day retells me how lucky I am to have found you, my dear wife. Being at work I always think of you & want to be back as soon as the official hours’ end. The way you receive me every day with love & care is incomparable. I just want to relish your love without counting on the days. I wish to have bundles of anniversaries with you but with even stronger bond & more love affiliations.

On this auspicious day my dear lady, let me thank you for your eternal support throughout all the worst & toughest times of my year. The day when you entered my life was the most privileged one since it blessed me with the best match I could ever have. You completed my life at its best. Your love keeps me alive and fresh every day. I love you, sweetheart! Happy Anniversary!

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