Memorial Day Messages

We should always remember our deceased heroes since they are the reason behind we are living in a free state. Their sacrifices are unforgettable for now & for all the centuries to come. Their names will be remembered as long as the State of America exists on the map of the globe.

They sacrificed their lives for us & didn’t demand anything in return. They just kept silence & consequently, it is their silence that is living & dominating our minds. It reminds us not to risk our freedom at any cost come what may. Their sacrifices also teach us to stand firm with your armed forces & the government without giving it another thought especially when it comes to the safeguard of your country.

We should always remember that the freedom we are enjoying is not effortless or for granted. In fact, our idealists have earned it at the cost of hard work & blood. We will make them feel proud on the Day of Judgment that we preserved the freedom they earned for us after laborious work.

On this Memorial Day, we make a pledge with our great martyrs that we will never let their memories fade away. We will tell our new generations exactly the way you sacrificed your life for your nation. Though the reality cannot be denied that how much we know about your chivalry is still much less than what you actually faced in the Warfield.

The martyrs of the Memorial Day didn’t let our flag down by facing defeat. It still floats unscrewed & undefeated. The blood of our deceased soldiers keeps the waves of the flag vibrant red though they rest in the dust.

Memorial Day isn’t only about glorification our veterans but it’s also a memorial to those who lost their lives anyway. Veterans had the treasure of coming home. That’s a cue of when we come home we still have an obligation to perform. It’s a series of a provision that credits our realm and those who got chopped down shielding it.

The fallen champions of Memorial Day embody the eccentric of a state who has an extensive account of loyalty and integrity. It is the nation who has fought many combats to free this country from fears of a terror.

Patriotism does not mean to wave flag higher & higher on national days neither it means to chant national anthem aloud. It lies in making great struggles & efforts to make our state upright & irrepressible just like those heroes who saved our country at the cost of their precious lives.

On celebrating this Memorial Day, I want to pay homage to all those who surrendered their lives on the battlefield. I pay tribute to all the soldiers, poets, teachers & many people from other fields of life who were serving there out of patriotism & lost their lives by fighting for their dear motherland. Patriotism in that battlefield seemed to be a breathing fervor & vigor of absolute belief & determination.

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