Congratulation Messages on Newborn Baby

A new baby brings uncountable joy & smiles on your face. His sweet manners make your life more beautiful & worth living & enjoying. May your priceless newborn baby take along contentment to the world and exceptional relation to you! Heartiest congratulations on your new arrival!

No fragrance in the world can compete with the sweet smell that the breath of your newborn baby brings with it. The delicate skin of that new human & the clucky sounds he produces is the best of all humanoid activities which are seen worthy & make you forget all the worldly calamities you might be suffering from. Cheers on your new pack of enjoyment dear!

I congratulate you on the arrival of a new family member who is going to be the source of making your love bond stronger & healthier. I wish for you that this cute addition to your family brings you infinite fun times & fondling memories which you are going to memorize throughout your life. I can’t explain how happy I am for you two!

As soon as I received the news of your newborn baby I was jumping out of great joy. The little angel is going to give multiple of joyous moments. Be equipped for merriment, big uproar & loads of cuddling with your baby. Although you must be having many sleepless nights, yet the baby will worth it. All the best to your new extended family! I will make a visit as soon as I am back to the town since I am dying to cuddle the softest human.

The Almighty has sanctified you with a new life to take care of. I implore the Lord for your understanding, fortitude, and patience to convey through your new ‘mommy’ job. You are going to get through the most exciting journey of your life. May the baby prove to be a blessing to the world & contribute its share to make this world an even peaceful place to live in. Congratulations!

This is such an amazing new which is swaying my mind completely. I am extremely eager to see the new baby that words cannot support my feelings. May you relish every single second of this astonishing span of your life that comes around only once. I wish you make a lot of magnificent & long-lasting celebrations to be remembered for the rest of your life. All the best to you & the baby with bundles of love!

On receiving the great news, I wish you both delight & cheerfulness for the mild advent of your newest family fellow. I pray to God to turn your life in full of colors & may you enjoy the best babyhood & parenthood experience that is full of devoted & adoring affiliations. Accept my heartiest congratulations on these happiest moments of your life! May the baby live a wonderful life & come out to be a very great & successful person to be remembered for his great doings for the centuries to come.

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