Sick Leave Messages

I am afraid that I won’t be able to come to work on account of my illness. Consequently, I will be on sick leave for the next two days. I am in a pang of guilt for any problem triggered at workplace due to my absence.

I am diagnosed with hypertension problem. The doctor has recommended me a week of a complete break so that I can restore my mental health. I ask for your forgiveness for any untimeliness during my absence. I guarantee that I will pay off it once I return to the enterprise.

I am not feeling well for quite some time & I am in extreme need of getting a checkup done as soon as possible. So, I am supposed to be on sick leave for tomorrow.

My health is not in good condition for the last few days. My physician has asked me to get some blood tests done. So, I will be taking sick leave for the next three days.

I am suffering from intestinal impurity for last one-week & the pain is agonizing. It is problematic for me to work like this, so I am taking a sick leave for three consecutive days.

As this is autumn season & everything is covered in dust & I am a persistent patient with asthma & the weather leads me to the worst health conditions. Kindly allow me a leave so that I can get my treatment done in time. Thank you!

I would be seriously indebted if you agree with me to take the day off on an excuse of poor fitness. I am optimistic to get well soon and join work right from the next day. It is itemized that I will be incapable of appearing at the office as my arm is wounded and I badly need a break.

I wanted to implore for leave as I have suddenly started feeling severe headache. Please grant me leave for a day so that I can take proper rest at home in order to provide bettered services at the workplace. Thank you for your consideration.

It is narrated that I have been suffering from throat infection & sleepiness at the workplace. I will not be able to be present at work for the coming two days. Kindly grant me a leave for two days so that I can recover wholly from my poor health condition. Thank you!

It is to inform you that I am distressing from penetrating shoulder causing severe discomfort & it has really become troublesome for me to keep up with my work at the office. So, I request you to bestow me with a leave for two days so that I can get rid-off this pathetic state of mine. Thank you in anticipation.

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