Christmas Eve Wish Messages

In the day of Christmas, I wish my dear friend you celebrate the day with happiness, joy and with excitement. Although I will not be there with you during the Christmas party, I wish you celebrate the day and night with fun and doing entertaining things. I wish you have a fantastic holiday and you enjoy the day with your family members as well as friends. Merry Christmas dear and the upcoming new year.

How can I keep myself calm? As two celebrations are coming in one day. I wish you a rejoicing Christmas day as well as the new phase of life. May this day be the best day of your life. may the new phase of life bring you a lot of happiness, good fortune as well as the best of health. May you both spend the life happily, peacefully and with love. I wish the Christmas will be the happiest and best event of your life. Enjoy your day and have fun.

My dear friend I hope this occasion brings you new hopes of life, new success, and the best health. I wish you can enjoy the day with patiently. Although this is the first Christmas without your father and it’s hard to enjoy a day without him. But you must show your patience and show strength as your mother needs your support, your young sister needs your care. You must act like the head of your family and support to them in thick and thin of the life. hope this Christmas brings the new hope, give you strength and you spend your day with courage. Pray for the soul of your father and spend the Christmas day with patience.

I wish that the day bring the warmness in your heart, soul, and body. May you enjoy the day with fun, entertainment as well as enjoyment. You are going to celebrate this first Christmas eve with your baby doll. May the day will be the best for you and your family. May you enjoy the day with your bundle of joy. May you have as well as the spirit of the Christmas. Hope that the gladness of Christmas will fill your heart and you remain happy and lucky throughout the life. happy Christmas to you.

This is the day when your boy is going to enter the phase of the christening. My all wishes are for your child. I hope he learns keenly and develops the best abilities to learn about the religion. May Lord bless him with good health, prosperity as well as the success. I wish what you wish for you and your child all come true and you get the successful life ahead. I hope you party hard and a day full of entertainment.

Snow is falling, colorful bells are ringing, Santa is about to come with a wonderful present. I hope the best Christmas to you, my little princess. This is your fifth birthday as well as the best day of the year. God gifted me the best gift in the Christmas day five years back. I have no words to express my feelings how much I was happy as I enjoy two celebrations on 25th December each year. This is your day my love, you bring happiness in life in a similar way as the Christmas day brings to our life.

In this auspicious event, I wish you a very happy Christmas my dear mom. I am missing every moment I always cherish you during this occasion. I am missing the special meal you prepare during this day. I am missing the special gift you always keep under my bed when I fell to sleep and next morning you always say that Santa brought it for me. I am missing the moment when you hug me to say the Christmas wishes. My dear mom, I am not with you this Christmas but sending you the wishes you live long and have the best health condition. I wish the party you are arranging can be the best one and all the food you cook has great taste. Love you mom. Merry Christmas.

My dear sister, I wish you a happy Christmas. I am missing you a lot. Hope you couple are doing good and cherishing the best moments of life in your tour. I am missing the special party you always arrange for my friends. This time no party as I am not feeling good to celebrate without you. I hope you are enjoying these wonderful days with your husband. I wish you both the happy Christmas. Stay happy and blessed. Keep smiling.

On this Christmas, I just want to say happy Christmas to you, my dear client. you always cooperate us and never borrowed the products, your way of dealing is fare and you are such a trustworthy person. On this special event of the Christmas, I wish you a healthy, prosperous and successful life. enjoy your day and have the day full of entertainment as well as interesting activities. Keep smiling and happy Christmas.

It is the season of love and care. The event we are going to celebrate is so wonderful as it brings happiness. The day full of peace and fun. I wish that no sorrows and grief come in your life this day. You will enjoy your day wholeheartedly. May you get what you wish for. May you have an awesome memory that touches your heart and that makes you smile forever. I wish you a bundle of wishes on this special day. Thank you for the special gift you bought for me. A lot of love and hugs. Happy Christmas. Enjoy, eat and have fun.

My dear friend, I hope you enjoy your day and full fun in this Christmas. I wish you the happy, blessed, prosperous and wonderful Christmas day. Enjoy the party and had a blast in this wonderful chilly event. I hope your life is filled with laughter and a lot of blessings.

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