Emergency Leave Messages to Boss

Respected sir, I receive a call from my home that my mother is not feeling well. She is suffering from high blood pressure and not in a conscious state. I need a leave so that I can reach home on time and take her to the hospital. I know the task which I am doing this time need to be completed but unfortunately, no one is at home to attend her and I must take her to a doctor. Hope you understand my problem and give me an emergency leave so that my mother can get treatment on time.

Dear sir, I need leave for two to three days as my wife is expecting and she is feeling labor pains. The doctor said it may take two or three days to deliver the baby till then they must keep her under observation. I must attend her as well as my daughter. I know the company cannot afford my leave because we have to complete the project in the next ten days but I can’t leave my wife alone. Furthermore, I also have to take care of my daughter. I hope you understand and grant an emergency leave to me for a few days.

Respected sir, I want to say that last Wednesday I suddenly got pain at my lower backside. The doctor diagnosed kidney stones after checking my ultrasound reports. Yesterday, I felt a severe pain and the doctor has recommended immediate surgery to avoid any complications. For that reason, tomorrow I must be admitted to the hospital and day after tomorrow is my surgery. For that reason, I am applying for the emergency leave. Kindly grant me leave for fifteen days. I will also provide you with my reports and medical certificate. I know these days it is important to finish the project but I must undergo surgery. Hope you understand and approve my leave.

Dear sir, I need an emergency leave due to the sudden death of my uncle. I was very close to him, he was just like my father. He lives out of the city and it takes about 8 hours to reach there. For that reason, I must leave in the evening so that I can attend his funeral tomorrow early in the morning. It is my request to grant me leave for two days so that I can attend the final rituals.

Respected sir, I want to say that I need a leave because I got a call from my home that my son’s school bus has met an accident and he got a severe injury. For that reason, I must leave the office to see my son. He needs a blood and I must arrange the blood also. It is necessary for me to be there and attend him as my wife is alone and cannot handle the situation. I request you to grant me leave for the next few days so that I can take care of my child.

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