Happy New Year Wish Messages

2018 is going to end and 2019 is going to begin. I wish my dear friend that the upcoming year bring a lot of happiness, success and all your wishes come true. In the upcoming year, you are going to start a new journey of your life. I wish you can adjust easily to your new home, you can easily understand what your husband like as well as his living style. I wish you no hardship comes in your life. I hope to have a happy life ahead. I pray that 2019 brings you the happiest moments of the life.

I wish that upcoming new year erase all the problems you are facing in your life. May all the troubles get far away from you. May God give you strength to fight against the hardships you are facing these days. I am hopeful my dear uncle that new year will bring new hopes and all your sorrows will turn in happiness. Wishing you again a happy, blessed and peaceful new year.

My dear brother, I am happy to know about your new job which you are going to start on the first week of January 2018. I wish that you start your new job in the new year with strength and hard work so that you get the good repute in your company. May this new start bring the best fortune in your life. best of luck. Cheer up and have a lot of fun at the new year party. Although we are not together in the ending of this year and will not celebrate the new year eve together, I wish we will meet soon.

I hope this new year will bring a lot of happiness, success, prosperity, as well as good health. I wish that no hardship come into your life. May you have a peaceful life ahead. At the start of a new year with new projects, you shine like a bright star and do progress throughout your life. whatever you dream for you get and all your wishes come true. I hope your new year bring you the best fortune and hope your new year filled up with brightness and bundle of happiness.

It’s the beginning of the new year and I wish that you start your year with a good heart. With the start of the new year, I pray that we forget the jealousy, anger, hate, revenge, and greed. Rather we must start our new year with love, care, compassion, and honesty. We must forget the misunderstanding between us, whatever you did to me and my reaction all was our immature behavior. I just want to say that we must try to forget and start our friendship just like good friends again. Life is short and we get nothing if we remain angry with each other. I hope new year bring new strength to our friendship and we start meeting again. I want that you attend a party at my home in new year night and will have a hug to begin our friendly relation again.

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