Cancellation of Staff Meeting Messages

It is hereby to inform all staff members that meeting which was going to held on [DATE] is canceled. The reason behind is that manager who has to speak in the meeting is not feeling well. He came to office in the morning but he was not comfortable and left for home. Therefore, the meeting will be rescheduled when the manager will come tomorrow or day after tomorrow depending on his health. You don’t have to wait for the meeting, you can leave the office at a routine closing time of the office.

I want to inform you that the meeting which was going to be on coming Saturday is postponed due to the sudden death of CEO’s relative. Therefore, he has canceled all the events of this week as he is going out of the city and will come back in next week. Therefore, no meeting will be on Saturday and the new schedule will be provided soon. You have to inform all staff members working under your supervision as no meeting is on Saturday, so the office will remain closed as according to the routine schedule. Inform to a staff member and reply me to acknowledge the message.

I am writing this message to inform that meeting that was scheduled to held on the 15th of this month is canceled due to the foreign delegation coming to our office in those dates. The CEO has canceled that meeting and requested to prepare for the conference with the delegates. Therefore, the management has to inform all the staff member and assign them tasks according to the rules that will be forwarded to you soon. Hope you follow the instructions and reply me soon for acknowledging for the message. I am sending you the details in email within an hour.

This is to inform you that the meeting arranged for tomorrow is canceled due to the illness of the CEO’s mother. She is in the hospital and in critical condition. According to the doctor, her condition is deteriorating. Therefore, CEO is with her in the hospital and will not come to office today and maybe tomorrow. He has asked to postpone the meeting for some days. you have to discuss the project with your staff member so that they start working on it and other important aspect related to the project will be discussed in the meeting that will be rescheduled soon.

I am sending this message on behalf of the manger that the meeting that is going to held in next hour is suddenly canceled due to the manager. He got accident as his car struck with the truck. His car is badly damaged and he got injuries. Although he is safe and conscious but in the hospital. therefore, due to his absence, the meeting is canceled and will reschedule when he will come back after leave. Inform all staff members and reply me of acknowledgment.

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