Announcement of New Employee Messages

I am sending you this message to inform you that a new member has been added to our team. He is a well experienced architectural engineer and has been in this field for the last five years. Whoever of you meet him should welcome him and guide about the office environment. Cooperate with him if he needs any kind of guidance and try to involve him in all activities especially during free time. Hope you all understand and cooperate with the new member of our company. Give him a minute or two to welcome him to the company.

It hereby informs you that Mr. Meezo has joined our company. He will work in the accounting department. The purpose of sending this message is that all you must welcome him for joining the company. It is requested to assists him if he needs any help, especially in the first month. He is a fresh graduate and new in the field, so he required a lot of guidance to grow. It is a special request for the finance department to cooperate with him and teach him all the techniques the company is following. Share the SOPs with him so that he feels easy working in our office environment. We continue the tradition of welcoming the new employee in the office.

You all know last month new recruitment interviews were held and the board announced the hiring of three new employees in the company. Today is their first day and I want that all my team welcomes them wholeheartedly. All three are fresh graduates, I request you to guide them and cooperate with them on their first month of training. During this time, they may find difficulty, it is your duty to help them so that they can easily get adjusted in the environment. I would like you to introduce yourself also so that they feel free to communicate with you people during work. Thanks, and reply me for acknowledgment.

This message is to inform you that the company has hired a new employee for the management department. She will assist the manager and check all the system with him. She is well experienced and knows much about the field. You must warm welcome her and guide about the working style of our office. Cooperate with her to get adjusted in office in a short time. Give her few minutes to welcome her and introduce yourself. Thanks for cooperating her as she is the part of the team from now.

The school has a new English teacher for primary classes. Welcome her wholeheartedly and guide her about the general class behavior in the school. I have given the duty of senior English teacher to take her to the class and introduce with her students. She is from Texas and will stay in our school teacher hostel. Cooperate with her and guide about markets and whatever she wants as she is new in the city as well.

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