Apology Messages for Defective Product

Hi sir, how are you? Sir, I want to say sorry about the defective product you received through online shopping from our outlet. Yesterday I was not in the store, now when I reached here, my staff member informed me about your complaint. Actually sir, we also receive the packed product from the supplier. We are unaware of the product packed inside. Therefore, the defected product is delivered to you. It is in our policy that you can return the product back and we will deliver you a new one. I am regretful for the inconvenience you have faced. Kindly send the product back and get a new one without paying shipment again. Waiting for your reply.

Ma’am hope you are doing good. I received your complaint about the bad working condition of hair dryer you purchased from our store. The product has a warranty, you can bring back to our store, I will send it to repaire department. If the issue will not be resolved I assure that we will change it with other product. If you want this service kindly come to the outlet within one or two days as after three days, we are not responsible for the damage of the product. I apologize for the defected product you got from our store, kindly accept our apology. Waiting for your reply and come soon to get repairing of your hair dryer.

Hello sir, I want to apologize on the defect in the electric heater you purchased from our store. I got a complaint from other customers as well. We have sent your complaint to the supplier and they have asked to send back the whole shipment so that they can check the defects in the product. It is the supplier’s mistake that why they deliver the product without quality assurance. I am sorry for the inconvenience you faced by getting a defect in the heater. Kindly bring it back to our outlet so that we can send it to the supplier. We will provide you the card and you will get your product within fifteen days or as soon as the new product will arrive at our outlet. Hope you understand and wait for your new product with patience.

Sir, I receive your message last night about receiving of the defected product. I am confirming my staff member about the product they deliver to your doorstep. Even I visited the warehouse to check the remaining products to know why we mistakenly sent you that product. Actually, at that time there was some issue of electricity in the warehouse and the staff member was collecting products for shipment in the torchlight. It is purely his mistake that he picked up the defected product box which was kept aside to send back to the supplier. He picked that one and delivered to you by getting confirmation from me. I have warned him to be careful next time. Please send me the product back so that I can resend the new product to you. Hope you understand and accept my apology. Thanks in advance.

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