Apology Messages to Librarian

Dear Sir, I want to say sorry about the book I have lost while traveling on the bus. You issued the book to me last Friday. I was going back home; the book was in my hand as I have to read it for completing the assignment. Unfortunately, when I was coming out of the bus, I kept the book on the seat to pick my bag. I don’t know how brain stop working and I forgot to pick up the book from the seat. When I reached home, suddenly I realized that I have left the book on the bus. It was too late that time and impossible for me to catch the bus to get the book back. Please accept my apology and I am ready to pay the fine according to the library policy.

Respected ma’am, I want to inform you that book I took from the library cannot be returned on time. This is because my nephew has torn a few pages of the book. I have given the book for binding. I will get back in three or four days. Hope you understand and accept my apology for late returning as well as for tearing of the book. I know there is some fine on late returning as well as damaging of the book. I am ready to pay.

Dear sir, I regret all the issue that happened yesterday in the library. Sir, actually I was in tension and was not in a mood of any joke. When my class fellow started kidding with me, I forget about where we were standing and shouted. I am sorry for all the scene that I created yesterday. I know that it is strictly prohibited to talk in the library or do such misconduct. It was my friend’s mistake as well but I was much rude and broke the decorum of the library. Please accept my apology. It’s my promise that this will never happen again.

Sir, I am sorry for not returning the book on time. Actually, my cousin took it by mistake with him to his home. He lives out of the city. It is only possible that I will go to his home on weekend to bring the book back and return to the library. I again apologize on the carelessness. Hope you understand and accept my apology. I assure you return it back by this coming Monday.

Sir, I want to say that I will not able to return the book as I have lost it. yesterday I forget to pick from my desk and when I reached home, I realized that I left on the classroom bench. Today when I came to university, I didn’t find the book. I have placed a notice on the library soft board as well as on the main corridor. I am hopeful that I will get back the book. I also asked the sweeper about the book but he didn’t see the book in a classroom. I hope you understand and accept my apology.

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