Apology for the Dress Code Enforcement Mistake

Dear, it is hereby to inform you that I and my staff members apologize on the rude behavior we had with your child. We are sorry for the misconduct your child faced regarding the dress code. It was not his mistake, he chose the dress due to injury on his feet. Your outfit did not violate the dress code according to the rules, but the teacher didn’t know that students can wear any dress regarding this situation. Once again sorry for the insulting behavior. Hope you accept our apology and acknowledge us by replying this message.

I hope you are doing good. I want to apologize on the strict behavior that I adopted due to your informal dress yesterday in the office. I was unaware of the electricity problem in your area. My peon explained to me about that you were unable to press your dress pant that’s why you were jean. The office was important for you, so you came in your casual dress. I am sorry for the words and regret on my insulting behavior with you. I must listen before saying you something. Dear please accept my apology and reply me soon.

Dear hope you are doing good. I want to say sorry on for the rudeness with you that I showed to you due to some misunderstanding. I was expecting that you will follow the dress code, but I didn’t know the situation you faced before coming to the party. Our common friend after that told me that’s how your maid burnt your dress while ironing and you were not willing to attend the function. Sorry, my friend for being so rude in front of other fellows. I am shameful and don’t know how to apologize. I must understand you. Please come to my wedding function today, I don’t want that you miss it. Please accept my apology. Waiting for your reply.

Dear, I am sorry for whatever I said to you yesterday. I was afraid of the boss that’s why when you entered the office, I spontaneously reacted on you. the boss strictly announced in his last meeting about the dress code for yesterday’s event that’s why when you came, I got angry. I didn’t know that you already talked to the boss about the dress you wore yesterday. Sorry for the misunderstanding and I apologize on the dress code enforcement mistake. Hope you understand and accept my apology on my rude behavior.

I am sorry for the inappropriate treatment you suffered regarding the dress code. Your outfit was not wrong rather our team behavior was awkward with you, I really regret the behavior we have shown you, but we were unaware of the situation you were facing. I on behalf of other staff members want to say sorry. I hope you understand and accept our apology on regard of this misconduct you faced from us. Waiting for your reply and thanks in advance for understanding.

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