Apology Messages for Late Delivery

Dear sir, hope you are doing great. I want to inform you that the product that you ordered on [DATE] cannot be shipped until [DATE]. The reason behind is that due to some undescribed issues, we are unable to release our container from custom office. It may take a week or two to release the container and to supply the products. Therefore, on behalf of the company I apologize you that your product will be shipped in three to four weeks or as soon as our issue will be resolved. Kindly accept our apology on the delay of delivery of your product.

Dear ma’am. I want to say you sorry for the delay in delivery of the pizza. This is because our delivery van’s tire got punctured and another one is off to another route. Due to the reason, it will take about half an hour to repair the tire and after that supplier will be able to reach the destination. Sorry for the inconvenience, we will deliver it within an hour to your destination. Hope you understand and accept our apology. I shall be grateful on understanding the problem. Waiting for reply to get the acknowledgment from your side.

Hi sir, how are you? I want to say that you ordered the watch [NAME/Model] four days back. Sir, we received your product but unfortunately, one side of the watch is broken. To deliver the proper product is our responsibility. We have sent back the watch to the manufacturing company. As soon as we receive it, we will deliver it to you. We apologize on the delay of the delivery. Hope you understand and wait for your product patiently. Accept our apology and reply us soon.

Dear sir, I want to say sorry on the late delivery of your product number [TEXT]. Due to heavy rainfall and dense fog, the shipments are delayed. Your product is coming from another city. Due to severe weather conditions, the trucks and loaders are not coming to this side. They are waiting for the weather clearance. As soon as the weather will be suitable, the products will reach to us and we will deliver it to our clients. Hope you understand and accept our apology for delay of the products. Thanks in advance for understanding the problem. Waiting for your reply.

Dear sir. Hope you are doing good. I am the supplier of the courier company. Your product is present at my office. I was about to deliver it to you yesterday, but I got an accident. I am in the hospital as I have a severe injury in my ankle. Due to the pain, I am unable to drive the car. I am coordinating with my coworker, as soon as he will contact me, I will provide your details. He will deliver the product to your doorstep by tomorrow or day after. Hope you understand and accept my apology. I will be grateful on understanding my problem and hope that you will not complain about the delay of delivery to the company.

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