Apology Messages for an Inconvenience

Dear sir/ ma’am. Hope you are fine. It is to hereby inform you that the highway road is going to be closed for two days for construction purpose. Due to the reason, we are sharing the alternate route to reach your destination. Sorry for the inconvenience. We are sorry that you have to adopt a long route, or you may face heavy traffic load in alternative roads. Hope you understand and accept the apology on behalf of the authority.

Sir. Hope you are doing good. I want to inform you that the electricity company has to replace old wires with a new one. Due to the reason, the electricity will remain off tomorrow from 9 am to 4 pm. The tube wells may also remain off. Therefore, it is requested to fill up your water tanks. Sorry for the inconvenience you might face tomorrow but replacement of wires is important to avoid any serious issue in the future. Hope you understand and accept our apology for this inconvenience of short time.

Dear ma’am. I hope you are doing good. I am the manager of the ABC Mall you visited last evening. I got your contact number from the customer diary. I got information from my peon that you faced some misconduct from our staff member. He told me the whole scenario and we are regretful on such misconduct. He is facing some depression due to financial burden and he was not in his complete senses. He is getting better and hopes he will recover soon. On behalf of the staff member and from our whole team, I apologize on inconvenience you faced yesterday. Hope you understand. Waiting for your reply to acknowledgment.

Dear sir, I hope you are doing good. Got your message related to the product you purchased from our outlet. Sorry that you receive the broken piece of the lamp. It is our company policy that you can return and get the new piece in a few days. I apologize for the inconvenience you faced. Waiting for your reply. You can contact our help center to get detail about returning of the product and reordering. If you just want to return, then we will provide you a coupon code containing an amount of the lamp. When you order next time then use the code to deduct that particular amount. Hope you understand and accept our apology.

Sir, I want to say sorry for providing the expired frozen food you purchased from our outlet. We always try to supply fresh and healthy food. Due to the negligence of the quality control team, they provided the wrong expiry date and for that reason, we did not discard that frozen food item from the freezers. We apologize and regret on wrong delivery of the products. Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Hope you understand. You can return and exchange the food item with a fresh one. We will accept without any argument. Thanks in advance and reply us to acknowledge our message.

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