Apology Messages for Food Poisoning

Dear Sir, how are you feeling now? Yesterday, my colleague told me about your bad health. He said that your son complaint that you are suffering from food poisoning after you had dinner from our restaurant three days back. I immediately took an action and asked the inspection team to check all the frozen meat, vegetables and other food items. I also asked about the menu you order at that time. When we had a complete inspection, I came to know that the chicken steak piece was not in good condition. Therefore, it caused the poor digestion leading to food poisoning. I am sorry on the negligence of the chef and kitchen staff. I hope you accept my apology and will not lose trust for our restaurant. Kindly reply me soon and acknowledge on my apology.

Respected ma’am, how are you? Ma’am I and my staff members regret on the bad food poisoning you are suffering from. I came to know you suffered from this condition after having lunch from our restaurant. Actually, frozen vegetables were in the freezer for four months and the chef is new, he didn’t know about it. We came to know about this after a thorough inspection of frozen items. I am sorry for the inconvenience you had faced by eating unhealthy food. Please accept an apology on behalf of all team.

Dear sir, hope you are doing well. Yesterday my staff member told that you were suffering from the food poisoning and the main reason was eating sandwiches you took from our canteen. I was noticing that you were not coming for taking breakfast, as you are a regular customer of our canteen. It’s your daily routine to take breakfast or snacks from us. That’s why I asked about your absence from the staff member and he confirmed from your friend about your absence in the institute. I am sorry for getting the old sandwiches from our canteen. I assure you that we will be careful next time and always provide fresh food to our customers. Please do acknowledge and reply us soon.

Dear ma’am, I want to say sorry for the food poisoning that occurred after taking snacks from our restaurant. We got a complaint from your friend and took serious action on the team. Some food was not fresh and due to the negligence of the chef, he used that food item. I am sorry that you suffered a lot and have to stay in the hospital for the bad gastric trouble. I am sorry about and ashamed of the carelessness of my staff member. He was in somewhat tension and forgot to check the expiry of the food item. Although it was his negligence, he must be attentive. I took action against him. I assure you that we will be careful in future and will never happen this again. I hope you cooperate and will come to our restaurant regularly as you visit us before.

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