Apology Message on Behalf of Staff

Dear sir, hope you are fine. Sir, I want to say sorry on the misconduct that my staff member did with you. Actually, at that time he was in tension. His mother was not feeling well and came to office while leaving her in bad condition. When this matter happened, he was thinking about his mother. That is why he reacted rudely with you. Although you were in a light mood and doing jokes with other colleagues as well. I am sorry on behalf of my staff member. Please accept the apology and reply me soon for acknowledgment.

Respected ma’am hope you are doing good. Ma’am, I want to say that I regret on my staff member’s yesterday’s behavior. He must not be selfish and must cooperate with other colleagues. He knew that she was on leave and it was important to submit the document file to you. She reminded him yesterday morning, even he promised her that he would submit the file. Unfortunately, he forgets to submit and showed that she didn’t ask him to submit the file. She was embarrassed in front of you and got angry with him. I am sorry he must admit his mistake of forgetting to submit the file. He will apologize to her as well as to you. Kindly also accept my apology on his behalf and he will also send you apology message to you.

Respected sir, I want to say sorry on behalf of my staff member. Actually, he is new in the job and doesn’t know about the seniors in our regional office. For that reason, he asked some stupid questions from you. One of the staff members listened to your conversation with him. When you left, he immediately discusses all conversation with me. I called to him and he said that he didn’t know about you. He will message you to say sorry. I am apologizing on behalf of him. Kindly accept his apology and I assure you that this will not happen in future.

Dear sir, I just came to know about the fight that happened yesterday. I was on leave due to some personal cause. Now my peon came to me and told about all the scene that happened when you were in office. I am astonished at this never happened before then why two employees behaved like that. I came to know that they were fighting like bulls. Sir, I want to apologize on behalf of them. They are our old employees and I have given them a warning. I assure you that they, as well as other staff members, will maintain the decorum of the office and this will not happen again. I am embarrassed on all the scene happened yesterday. Please reply me soon and acknowledge on the apology.

Respected sir, how are you doing? Sir, I regret on the misconduct that my staff member did with your friend. Actually, at that time a new employee was going to come to the office and old employees planned to do some joke with him. Immediately, your friend arrived and the staff member thought that he is the new employee who had joined the company. It was a misunderstanding. Kindly accept the apology on behalf of my staff member. We will be careful next time.

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