Apology Messages for Misleading Customer

Dear sir, hope you are doing good. Sir, I want to say sorry about the wrong information that I provided to you regarding the gift vouchers. Actually, I was dealing four or five customers at the same time and when you called to confirm your order along with the gift voucher, I described you detail from the different catalog. Now when you called again to confirm about the voucher and staff member denied about it because there is no such offer available it was my mistake that I offered you without confirming. I am sorry you were expecting some discount, but you didn’t get it just because of my carelessness. Hope you understand and kindly accept my apology.

Dear ma’am, I want to apologize on behalf of my staff member who guided you in the wrong way. There is no gift offers and sales going on these days. The staff member from whom you got the information is new in our outlet. On that day he was arranging the files, meanwhile, he received a call from you. He thought that the sale is going on that particular product as he had that brochure in his hand. That’s why he offered about the flat 50% off. I am sorry that was last year’s offer and new sale offer is going to come but not going on these days. Please accept my apology on getting misleading information from my staff member. I have warned him to be careful next time and avoid providing such offers until or unless he is assured about the offers.

Sir, how are you? I am sorry about the wrong information you got from our administration. There was a fault in the software, and it showed the wrong prices related to the products you offered. Our software team was working on it, as you called the staff member by mistakenly provided you wrong list. Therefore, it created a misunderstanding and when your son arrived to collect the product, he got hyper on the staff member. Sir, actually it was the error of the software and I am sorry for the inconvenience you have faced on that. Kindly accept my apology and reply me soon for acknowledgment.

Ma’am, how are you doing? I just want to apologize on the wrong information you got about the prices of the products. The sale campaign is going to start next month but the staff member thought it has been started that’s why he provided you information to buy 1 get 1 offer. Actually, it is not on air these days. I am sorry for the misunderstanding you faced due to the wrong information about this offer. I am sending you a discount voucher which you can avail when you come for next shopping here as an apology. Kindly accept and reply for acknowledgment. I hope you will come to our outlet and avail our sale offer which is going to come next month. Thanks in advance for understanding. Reply to us soon!

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