Apology Messages for Student Absent/Vacations

Sir, respectfully it is stated that I was absent for three days in the previous week. It was because I had an urgent piece of work at home. There was no one at home except me and my mother. It was difficult for her to accomplish the household tasks by herself. Therefore, my presence there was necessary due to which I was unable to come to school and attend the classes. I apologize for not coming. I hope that you will realize my problem and accept my apology. I will take care about this next time.

With due respect, it is stated that I felt ill previous week. Therefore, I didn’t attend school for the whole week. I was affected by malaria. The doctor recommended me to stay at home for the sake of speeding up the healing process. I became so weak that it was difficult to even come for a day or so. That was the reason behind my vacations. I apologize for not being punctual during this period. I assure you that from now I will try to be punctual and avoid such kind of excuses. Accept my apology this time

I am sorry for not attending the school for two days during the month of November. One of our relatives passed away. It was, therefore, compulsory for us to visit their home for condolences, for offering the funeral prayer and perform the last rituals. The residence of our relative is in another city due to which It was impossible for me to come to school. Due to this reason I was unable to take the classes. I am sorry about that. I hope you will realize my situation since the problem was totally genuine. I assure you that I will complete the class work that I missed due to vacations.  Accept my apology in this regard.

I want to apologize for being absent since I didn’t attend the school for a week during the last month. I had to go on a family trip abroad. All of my family members were going to Dubai for entertainment purpose. It was my earnest desire to visit the country too since I had never gone on such kind of trip before. Therefore, I didn’t come to school. I apologize for not taking my classes for the whole week. Moreover, I accept that it was necessary to inform the school management in this regard which I didn’t do at that time. But now I realized my mistake. Please accept my apology. I will try to be regular and punctual at school in the future.

With much respect, I am stating that I was not present at school for 3 days in the previous week. It was due to the marriage of my elder brother. I had to take part in the arrangements for the ceremony. Therefore, I was busy during those days. Due to this reason I didn’t come to school. I have missed a lot of lectures. I am sorry about that. I apologize for being absent. I promise that with the help of my fellows I will overcome my weaknesses related to the certain subject. I will try to cover the syllabus that I’ve missed during the holidays.

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