Apology Messages for Bad Reviews

Dear customer we received a bad review from you a few days ago. We are sorry to inform you that the prices of our products have been rising since last week. Due to this reason, we are selling our products at a high price. You have been a regular customer of our brand. The purpose of this message is to say sorry for the discomfort that you’ve faced while purchasing your goods after new price tags. We are going to launch a discount coupon for the customers and you’ll also get its advantages very soon. We are always striving for better relationships with our clients.

We want to say sorry to you since our company is receiving bad reviews from our customers. The reason behind it is our new company policy. The brand has been modified in accordance with our new general manager. That’s why the prices of our outlets have been increased. You have recently bought an article of jewelry from us. I am sorry for selling it at a higher price. The reason behind making new policies is the high taxes applicable to the company by the government. We assure that very soon discounts will be available for our valuable customers.

I want to apologize for not delivering the goods within the given timeframe. The reason behind it is that our delivery crew wasn’t available on that day due to stormy weather. It affected our shipping service. Being the head of the organization, I always look forward to making our customers comfortable by introducing new innovations. I have planned a new delivery system to overcome the delay in products delivery due to extreme weather patterns. I will take care next time to overcome the bad reviews from customers with similar issues.

Dear Customer, we are here to apologize for causing discomfort to you regarding our services. You ordered a bundle of fruits. The given order was unfortunately canceled due to the shortage of that product in the market. The production is affected by certain agricultural problems. We are sorry for this inconvenience. Our company has decided to import some fruits from certain countries. We assure you that you will be notified as soon as the product will be available in the stock. Your payment has been refunded to you through online money transfer. Thanks for showing interest in informing us about your problems. We are trying to strengthen the bond between the company and the customer and surely strive for our better reviews in the future.

Dear Customer! I have received a bad review from you regarding the product shipment. You have ordered a pair of blue suede shoes. However, another product was shipped to you by mistake. I am sorry for this mistake. It was mainly due to some technical fault. The shipment software had been affected due to which certain products were shuffled. I again apologize for this disruption. I have informed the developers of the company about the problem. I assure you that our company will take much care about it next time. Moreover, a member of our team is on the way to you with your exact selected item. Thanks for shopping with us.

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