Apology message for unannounced resignation

Dear Sir, hope you are fine. Sir, I want to apologize for suddenly leaving the company. Actually, my mother is sick and the doctor has suggested surgery and proper care of her. I am the only son and I have to take care of her. My father cannot manage enough so I have to be there to stay in a hospital. I have to go back to my city because these days she is more important than anything. I had a good working experience with this company. All staff was cooperative, and I loved the working environment. But in this situation, I have to leave the job. I am sorry for not informing you about resignation as per company rules. I hope you accept my apology and there will be no effect on our practical relationships.

Respected Sir, I hope you are doing well. I know my unannounced resignation letter has disappointed you as I am leaving the company in the middle of the project. I am extremely sorry sir there is the strong reason behind leaving the company. My family has got some emergency and I have to be with them in this need of the hour. I don’t know how much time it will take to resolve the issue. For that reason, I have to leave my job. I really don’t want to resign as I was quite satisfied with this job. I have to go back to my country. I am sorry for breaking company rules. Please accept my apology. Thanks in advance!

Hello Sir, how are you? I want to apologize for suddenly leaving the job. Actually, I got a better place to work where I can learn as well as earn far better than this company. Sir, I am sorry I didn’t inform you before leaving as I have to join the other company within a weak otherwise, they may hire some other employee. The reason for leaving the company is the attitude of the manager. I emailed you many times about his behavior but no official took me and other employees notice seriously. I was fed up with the environment. For that reason, as soon, I got the other job I joined it. I hope you accept my apology. Thanks.

Dear Madam, how are you? I am writing this message to say you sorry about my unannounced resignation. My father got a transfer to another city and my whole family is shifting. Therefore, I have to leave my job. I was happy with this job and quite satisfied but I have to move with my family. My father doesn’t want that I stay in a hostel or guest house. So, I have to quit the job. I am sorry for this act. Kindly accept my apology. I will be thankful to you.

Dear Sir, I hope you are doing well. Sir, I am sorry for leaving the job without notification. sir, I am going to marry next week as my fiancée’s mother is not well. He has to go back to his country within a week. That’s why I have to leave with him. For that reason, I have to leave my job to fulfill my family commitment. I am sorry again.

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