Warning Message to Distributor for Poor Performance


The company has been monitoring the performance for the last three months and it has been observed that you are not able to improve your performance, yet it is going below the average. We have already discussed in the meeting held in the previous month we will continue to demonstrate your progress for the next period. If there won’t be any improvement then a termination letter will be issued if there is any problem that you would like to address, contact your supervisor immediately and you are advised to take this matter seriously.


This message is to inform you that your performance for the last three months is not satisfactory as the company is monitoring your performance your target is not achieved and is getting down day by day. We have discussed with you in the previous meetings about your ongoing performance and solutions for improvement in this matter. Failure in meeting the target for the next month may lead to termination of your contract with the company so I would advise that do your best to reach the target to make sure the quality of the work that your position requires. I hope you will take this matter seriously and work harder. Thank you!


Following the company policy [X], you are receiving this written warning because of your unsatisfactory performance for the last three months. In the counseling session last month, solutions for improvement of performance regarding your area of sales and distribution were discussed to meet the given target but instead, you are not able to meet the required target for the given month has led to some serious consequences. The management has given a warning for demonstrating to you for the last 30 days. If you will not be able to meet the target within these 30 days it may result in serious action including dismissal. I hope you will take this warning letter seriously and I would expect change for better in the coming days. Thank you.


This message is a written warning for the unsatisfactory performance that has been observed for the last three months from your side. Last month, we had a one-to-one session for the discussion about the possible solutions for the improvement of your performance. As you could not give an acceptable explanation for your poor ongoing performance, your request for additional training and two weeks were given for completing the given target. Unfortunately, you failed to meet that target, too. Now, the company will demonstrate you for the next 30 days, but if you failed to improve your performance and meet the given target, a termination letter will be issued on behalf of you. I will meet with you again on [X] to discuss further in this matter. If you are encountering any difficulty, please feel free to contact me.


The company has been monitoring you for the last three months and it is observed that your performance is going poor. You are meeting any target which is not acceptable. In the last meeting, it was already discussed that if you will not be able to meet the sales target for this month, a warning letter will be issued. Now the management has given you one month to achieve the given target and if you failed this time, a termination letter will be sent to you. Please work hard and take this matter seriously.

Warning message to distributor for poor performance

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