Apology Message for Inaccurate Bill

Sir, I hope you are doing good; I want to say sorry for entering the wrong bill in the invoice. Yesterday I was reviewing the records, here I noticed about the wrong entry of amount that you complained about your bill yesterday morning. Sorry for the delay from my side. I was not present in the store, as I came back and review your complaint, I checked the whole invoice, there are some wrong entries. I apologize for the staff at the entrance of wrong bills. I assure you whenever you will purchase something again from the store, I will compensate for your bill. Otherwise, you can come anytime to pick back your extra paid money, waiting for your reply to get acknowledgment. I would like to thank you in advance for accepting the apology.

Sir, I received your message about the extra electricity bill you have received this month. According to your meter reader has recorded extra units. To confirm the reading, we send back the reader to your place to check the units. Yes, you were right, meter reader has taken 100 units extra, due to which the amount of the bill increased. Now this time the bill has printed we cannot do something but on behalf of the electrical supply company I assure you that you will receive the next bill with deductions. We will compensate for your bill next month. I hope you cooperate and accept the apology from us. Reply soon and thanks in advance.

Sir, I received your complaint about the error in the monthly billing statement. On your request, we scrutinized our records and found the error. It was infact a human error. The person preparing the invoice at that time by mistake enter the wrong information due to which computer added the amount according to it. Therefore, you receive a double amount of the bill. We have recorded your complaint and forwarded it to the billing department. Next time when you will receive the annual bill you will get compensation on it. Hope you understand. Kindly accept our apology and reply soon for acknowledgment.

Sir, I received a complaint about your telephone bill. According to you, your bill shows an excessive usage of the phone while the use of the telephone at your home is very less due to mobile phones. We want to say sorry we have some software error due to which computer-generated wrong bills. We received many complaints about the wrong billing in these two days. Our computer team is working on it as the number of complaints is getting high. We assure you that we will resolve it in a day or two. The management has decided to reissue the bills. Therefore, we will issue a notice in the newspaper for new bill issuance. We apologize for inconvenience and request to accept the apology. I hope you understand and cooperate with us. We assure you that you will never get this type of mistake again. Thanks in advance.

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