Apology Message for Sending the Wrong Email

Dear sir, I hope you are doing good. Sir, I want to apologize for sending you the wrong email. I am sorry that time I was about to leave the office due to an emergency at home when you called to send you an email, I mistakenly open the wrong folder that contains the file of the same name that you demanded. Actually, it was a file that we prepared last year. I sent you an email and went home. My mother was not well, and I had to take her hospital that’s why I didn’t check the message you sent me about the wrong email. I am sorry for the inconvenience you faced due to my little mistake. I have sent you again. Kindly accept my apology. I will be thankful to you.

Sir how are you. I want to say sorry about sending you the wrong email of the dress designs. I asked a staff member about your order and he said you refused to order again as the catalog contain all old designs. I am sorry at that time my peon was sending emails and he didn’t properly understand what I had told him. He mistakenly sends you that old catalog. This was just a misunderstanding. I am sending you a new email. Kindly check the whole catalog and give your order to us. You are our old client and you know well that I always provide you up to date catalogs. Waiting for your reply to acknowledgment.

Respected ma’am hopes you are fine. Ma’am, I want to apologize for sending you a wrong email yesterday. Actually, at that time I was working on multiple tasks. When you message me to send to you an email, at that time the client called me to discuss the file on which I was working on. Meanwhile, I saw your message and try to send you quickly, but I mistakenly send you another file which I was discussing with the client. hope you understand and accept my apology. I just saw your message and confirmed the wrong email. I have sent you the right one which you required.

Dear sir, how are you feeling now. I want to apologize for sending you the wrong email in the morning. Although your peon came to me and provided me the detail about the email, I don’t know how I mistakenly sent you a wrong email at that time. now I have sent you the right email with all the account details.

Dear ma’am, I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience you have faced due to my negligence. Actually, when I was working to send you an email, the telephone rang, and I went to receive the call. I got some emergency and I was too tensed that by mistakenly I attached the wrong document. I know that you need that file urgently as you have to convince the client about the deal. I am sorry for sending you the wrong email. I assure you this will not happen again.

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