Apology Message for didn’t Return Call

Hi dear. How are you? I am extremely sorry that I couldn’t call you back yesterday. I had an important interview call from abroad. It was very important because getting a job in the company really means to me. It will be an honor for me if I get the job in the company. First, the manager took me on call in the morning and then he said that the finance manager will call in a few minutes for further detail and information. Therefore, I was not answering your call as I have to receive the international call. The finance manager called me in the afternoon and after that, I have to take my mother to the doctor for her routine checkup. When I return home, I forget to call back to you. Please accept my apology, I will call you in the evening and will discuss all the details with you.

Hello. How are you? Sorry dear, I was hell busy with my child yesterday. When I brought him back from school, he was somewhat lazy. He complained to me about a severe headache as well as body ache. I gave him medicine. Due to his illness, he was quite irritated and asked me to be with him in his bedroom. The whole day I spend with him and then took him to the doctor. My mobile was in my room that’s why I was unable to answer your call. I saw your missed call at midnight. Please accept my apology. I will call you in an hour.

Hi, I hope you are doing good. Sorry for not attending your call day before yesterday. My husband is going abroad tomorrow for a business tour. I have to set his suitcase along with I have to prepare meals for him. I have to prepare food for him as he is hypertensive and cannot eat much restaurant food. For that reason, I have to prepare special meals for him so that he does not get any problem during his stay. Therefore, I was much busy and unable to attend your call. I hope you understand and accept my apology for not returning your call.

Hello sweetie, how are you? I know you are very much angry with me as I am not answering your call for the previous three days. I am sorry my mobile has some voice issues as well as it gets off due to some battery problems. I don’t have time to go to the market to repair the mobile because tomorrow is my public service test and I am preparing for it. The test is very important for me as you know I am passionate to get the government job. Due to this reason, I am not able to attend the call or reply to the messages. Hope you understand. Do pray for my test. I will be free from test tomorrow and then I will go to a mobile repair shop to get a new battery as well as repairing my mobile. After that, I will call you. Hope you understand and accept my apology.

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