Apology Messages to Unsatisfied Customer

I am sorry for the delivery of the wrong product to you. You ordered an article of furniture by using our online customer portal. The webpage system was facing several issues due to which another design of furniture was delivered to you instead of your desired item. I am sorry for that. After continuous efforts, we overcome the problem and from now I assure you that you will never face such kind of inconvenience in the future. I have told the company to exchange the wrong product with the actual item. I am thankful to you for choosing us.

I want to apologize for giving you the incomplete gift box. You have purchased that item from our store previous week. The wrong packaging of the product was due to the mistake of an employee. I am going to refund your money regarding those goods that you have not received yet. Moreover, you can also visit our outlet for repackaging. All the possible facilities will be provided to you. I am sorry again for causing the problem in this regard. I hope that you will try to understand the matter. I appreciate your patience. Thanks for giving us a chance to serve you.

I have recently received your message. You have registered your complaint too through our customer care center. I am sorry for the inconvenience. The food delivered by one of our branches wasn’t of good quality. The chefs were indeed responsible for providing fresh food to our valueable customers. I have taken serious action against those cooks and I hope that you will never face such difficulty in the future. Your money has been refunded through online transaction. Thanks for choosing us. We are always here for providing you with better services. Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.

We are sorry for not giving you a good network service for about a week. Our broadband company has been facing some technical faults. It is mainly due to extreme weather patterns. Due to all these factors, you are not provided good service for a few days. We can understand your problem. Members of our crew were informed about the problem. We are working on the issue and the network speed will be recovered soon. Thanks for your patience. Our company is always here to solving your problems and providing you a better internet service.

We recently received your complaint about the late shipment of your product. The delay was due to several reasons. There was a great rush due to transport at the border. Therefore, it affected the delivery since it was local shipment. Moreover, due to the high demand for the particular goods, we are facing the shortage of stock. We are sorry for not giving you the item on time. One of our representative is on the way to you. We ensure you that you will never face any delay next time. We are striving for making our services better for our customers. Thanks for giving your valuable feedback.

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