Apology Messages for Overbooking Pre-Arrival

I am sorry to inform you that your booking has been canceled because of an overbooking pre-arrival. There was a total of 200 seats on the plane. All of them were occupied. As you were late on the flight day, so another passenger purchased the ticket with a high price. You did not arrive at the airport at that particular moment. I thought that the seat should be given to another individual in order to follow the rules of the company. I am sorry about that. I have informed the company and thus you will be given another seat on the next flight.

Our company is extremely sorry for not sending your luggage within time. It all happened due to overbooking pre-arrival. The numbers of the passenger were more than normal. That’s why it was difficult for our crew to deliver the packages to the passengers on time. It was the reason behind your inconvenience. We assure you that we will try to improve our service now. Moreover, you will never face any discomfort regarding the cargo services of our company. We again apologize for wasting your precious time due to overbooking. We hope that you will try to understand the organization’s mistake.

I am sorry for the trouble created by our organization last week because of the overbooking pre-arrival. There was a rush in the flight due to which your journey became unpleasant. It was because some of our planes were facing some technical issues. With such problems, it was dangerous for the pilots to fly those planes as they could become the reason for some serious loss. The passengers were willing for a quick solution. So, we decided to take a few more individuals with us as compared to the numbers that fly with us in the normal routine. For this reason, you faced a little discomfort. I once again apologize for such inconvenience. I assure you that our company will take good care of our clients next time.

I am being the head of the aircraft maintenance and management apologies to those entire passengers who faced uneasiness along their journey. A thunderstorm was on the way. So, it was important for us to land our plane to the nearby area. Since the aircraft was not in a condition to bear extreme weather conditions, we had to change the plane. Thus, it was necessary to transfer the passengers too. Therefore, we overbooked the individuals as the size of that plane was smaller than the previous one. I again apologize for causing such kind of distress to our customers.

We are sorry for canceling your booking of a business class flight yesterday. By some technical fault of our system, we were shown that you were already reached at your particular location. It was due to connection loss because of a snowstorm. So, we replaced your seat with another passenger. Our company is extremely sad about this incident of overbooking the pre-arrival. We have booked your seat into another plane for the same destination. You have to pay no charges this time because of our previous mistake. We hope to provide you with better service next time.

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