Thank you Message to HR for Probation Confirmation


Dear Mike, please receive this message as my formal expression of gratitude for hiring me on probation. I really appreciate you giving me this opportunity to learn how the job works during this period. You will find me a fast and sharp learner and I promise I will not let you down.


Dear Samantha, I received a letter today about my recruitment for the probation period for the job I applied for in your company. I am much obliged to be provided this amazing opportunity to prove my skills and learn to master the new skill set required.


Dear Boss, it’s my utmost pleasure to write this message to you as my token of appreciation for recruiting me to the probationary team. I am hopeful I will perform best under your supervision and get many chances to improve myself. I vow to act professionally with all my energy dedicated to this job. You will not regret your decision.


Dear McLellan, please accept this message as my formal note of gratitude for hiring me on probation for this firm. It means the world to me to be accepted at the company I dreamt of working for since I graduated. I will try my utmost to utilize my potential in the best interests of the business. Should you feel any ambiguity in my work, please guide me through and I will learn fast. You will not regret your decision.


Elizabeth, this is Mary Woodhouse from the recently hired batch for the probation period. I just wanted to show my appreciation for you for taking me up on board. I never had imagined I’d be trained and hired by The Justice Law Firm right after my graduation. I will not give you any opportunity to regret your decision.


Dear Boss, I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of this amazing team of talented people from across the country. Moreover, this paid probationary period for professional training is what I always dreamt of. Thank you for making my dreams come true. I assure you I will be the best asset to this company.


Dear Ma’am, thank you for confirming my probationary period. I was overjoyed to find out I was amongst the luckiest few who were taken on board. I will invest my blood and sweat into this company and make sure my energy and skills are employed for the best interests of this company’s growth.


Dear Sir, I sincerely appreciate your decision to add me to the probation team. I am very excited to be an integrated part of this company and learn everything new during this period. You shall not find me disappointing. I hope with your guidance and inspiring professionalism, juniors like me will grow by leaps and bounds.


Dear Sir, I received the confirmation letter from your company today for my probation period. It really encouraged me to see I am given a great chance to prove my skills and abilities to your company. I believe the synergy of my skill set with your guidance will prove to be dynamic for this company. So, thank you for allowing this to happen!


Dear Madam, I am glad you accepted my resume and decided to include me in your probationary position as a senior consultant. I already feel recognized and appreciated by this gesture of yours and I truly hope you will find me of great value to your firm. Please accept this message as my formal note of gratitude to you.

Thank you message to HR for probation confirmation

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