Thank you Message to Boss for Company Anniversary


Respected Mr. Vandyke, thanks so much for today’s delicious cake pops for your company’s anniversary. Working at this company for the past 4 years has been quite a rollercoaster of emotions. Nonetheless, I love it here. Happy company anniversary to you!


Dear Olivia Burdette, your company is one of a kind and I love working here every day. They say don’t expect surprises from your boss except for the unpleasant ones. But you’ve proven this statement to be totally wrong. Today’s unexpected anniversary bonus just brightened up my day and I cannot thank you enough. Looking forward to working here for as long as my bones are healthy.


Congratulations on the 40th anniversary of your firm boss. Today was a wonderful day and I’m deeply grateful to be working with you under this company. Every day, for the past 15 years, I learn something new from your legacy. Thank you so much for the hi-tea party for celebrating success. I pray for more success, blessings, and prosperity for your company.


Dear boss, congrats on achieving excellence every year. This year was special as we earned 100+ more loyal customers. Working with you only motivates us for the better, you couldn’t have asked for any other boss or company. Thanks so much for the gift cards you gave us all today. They are surely quite noticeable.


Dear Rita Johnson, you’re the best boss ever! With that being said, I love the little appreciation cards you’ve given every employee of yours on the company’s anniversary. Couldn’t be happier! Thanks so much for your cooperation and for always looking up to us.


Respected boss, I hope you are doing well. Today marks the 15th anniversary of not just the company but my work at it too. I really appreciate the certificate you’ve given me; it will look terrific on my certificate wall in the office. Thank you so much for the lunch and little goodie bag, too. Looking forward to spending my entire life at your firm, at your service!


Dear boss, your kind words at the company’s anniversary speech for me were more than enough. But you’ve also sent a flower bouquet to my office along with the fresh box of cookies. I cannot be more grateful to be working under such a thoughtful and affectionate boss like yourself. The past 10 years of working with this company, seeing it built from scratch to reach the top where it’s at now, is just plain mesmerizingly beautiful. So, thank you for giving me a chance on day one.


Dear Marvel Sands, thank you for the amazing activities and sports at the company’s anniversary event. The lunch was outstanding, and the games were surely awesome for the weekend. This party was one of a kind.


Dear boss, thank you for the I.T team department’s dinner for the company anniversary. We will forever cherish these moments. Thank you for the food and company.

Thank you Message to Boss for Company Anniversary

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