Salary Deduction Complaint Message to HR

Dear HR Sophie, I’ve been getting my salary on time but I’m seeing a 5% deduction on it for the past 4 months. Although we were given bonus checks because of COVID, which I’m deeply grateful for, this situation is causing me restlessness. Kindly inform me briefly as to why this matter is happening. Looking forward to your reply.

Respected H.R Mr. Michaels, I’m messaging to draw your attention towards an unannounced 5% deduction out of my salary last month. I was not informed about this beforehand. This unexpected action has left me disgruntled as I’m a very regular and punctual employee of this company. With all due respect, I demand the reversal of this action.

Dear Mrs. Meyers, I am writing this message on behalf of the media department in your company. I wrote an email on this issue about a week ago but never heard back. I apologize for being unprofessional and privately messaging you but it wouldn’t have happened if we got the reason for our salary deduction. Last month, all the employees had at least $200 deducted from our salaries with no information as to why it happened whatsoever. If you could kindly brief us about this situation, it’ll be very kind of you.

Mr. Vandyke, I believe this message will bring your attention to a serious matter the whole department of I.T is facing currently. We have recently been deducted off some of our salaries the past month. We were not at aware of this deduction in advance which is why all of us have been discouraged to a big extent. There was no substantial increment in our salaries ever since we’ve started three years ago so it’s even more demotivating how 5% of our salary has been deducted. Kindly inform us ASAP.

Salary Deduction Complaint Dear H.R Rhonda, I’m writing this message to draw your attention to a very important topic. My salary deduction happened this month and I haven’t even taken a day off from work. Kindly inform me of such decisions beforehand and solve this mystery for me this time around. As I’m the oldest and most hardworking employee of yours, I do not deserve to be treated this way. Thank you. Message to HR  Separator  Copy & Send

Respected H.R, I’m sending you a link to my records so you can see for yourself I haven’t taken a day from work except for the paid leaves I was allowed. Yet my salary has been deducted for three days. Kindly correct this misunderstanding and send me the remaining amount. I can also wait for the next month to receive this amount with September’s salary.

Mr. Mike, I understand I was late to the meeting twice when the CEO came for two consecutive days. But this does not mean the company could deduct 5% of my salary as I personally informed the CEO of my late arrival. Also, I messaged the manager about my personal problem due to which I was late. Kindly look into this matter and reimburse me for my pay.

Salary deduction complaint message to HR

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