Salary Certificate Request Message to Manager


Dear Manager, I’m Mike Wazowski writing this message to ask for a little help. Kindly, provide me with my salary certificate so I can present it to the bank for a loan for my house project I’m working on. It’ll be very cooperative of you if you could send me that today through email. Thanks so much.


Respected Manager, I need to apply for a mortgage for which I need my salary certificate. Therefore, I request you to please send me my salary certificate through fax at [X]. If you could do that as soon as you see this message, I’ll be very grateful to you.


Respected manager Rhonda. I hope you’re well. I’m writing this message to request you for my salary certificate with my work tenure and basic pay mentioned on it. I need this certificate since I have to apply for a visit visa to America. I’ll be thankful to you if you could send me by Sept. 10th,20XX.


Dear manager Olivia Murphy, this is Turner O’Connor. I work at the front desk in your office. I have to apply for a bank loan for a house which requires me to present my salary tenure of the last 6 months. I understand you’re in charge of providing such certificates. Please keep in mind that it should include my pay scale as well as the tenure period as the bank requested. I appreciate you for working on my case.


Dear Mr. Scott, I sincerely request you to issue my salary certificate since I have to apply for a credit card at the American Bank. Their requirement includes my salary tenure for the past 6 months. To get the card, I need to present this salary certificate within 4 days. Kindly issue my certificate by Sept. 8th, 2021. I highly thank you for understanding my urgency.


Dear Mr. Joseph, my name is Justina, I work with the IT team. I request you a salary certificate for [X]. In order to request a loan, I need this certificate from a financial institute to deal with my wealth matter. Kindly show my monthly income as well as deductions that happened monthly and the total deductions. It also requires that I have my salary summary with break-ups mentioned in the certificate. If there’s any sort of comments on this, please contact me on the same number I’m messaging you from. I look forward to seeing my certificate within 5 days. Thank you!


Respected Mr. Tyron, I’m messaging you to request a salary certificate. I need this certificate as it is one of the main requirements for my work-based visa at the American Embassy. Kindly mention the time period of ever since I am working for your company as well as my previous 2-year long record of salary. All the increments and bonuses must be included. I thank you for this cooperation and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Salary certificate request message to manager

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