Recruiting Text Messages to Applicants


I have gone through the profile you sent to J&A Company, and I was immensely overwhelmed with your profound experience. Currently, we are looking for an experienced champ adapted in accounts and management. I got to know that you have a magnificent milieu in this field and our requirements are the same for the new role. I would like to get more details from you, so if you have any interest then please stay in touch with us. Looking forward to hearing a positive response from you!


This is Marlow Steward, HR of Hamilton Group of Industries. I got the chance of reading your profile thoroughly and was greatly impressed with your extensive grounding and marvelous skills in sales management. Currently, we are looking to hire a person for the sales manager’s post to be a part of a fantabulous team and you are a perfect match for this job. In your profile, you have mentioned that you have experience of dealing with different projects and cooperating with a team of experts. Please get in touch with us if you want to know about it. We are waiting to hear from you.


Dear Julia, hope this message finds you well. I am Stalin Hawker, director of ABC Enterprises. We have a vacant position for a personal assistant in our company and Mr. Ruther had referred your name for the same position. Your LinkedIn profile has recently been reviewed by me and I have found your experience and skills relevant and awe-inspiring for the job position. If you want to know more about the job position and our organization then it would be our pleasure to set up an expeditious online interview on 20th November at 2 pm. I will provide you with all the job-related retails and would love to answer your queries. Waiting to hear positive from you!


Hello Crystal, I want to thank you wholeheartedly for applying for the job of finance manager at our A&J Organization. We were greatly galvanized by your vast experience and amazing skills after reviewing your profile. Therefore, I am inviting you happily for a job interview on 8th January at our office. Hence we will be able to answer your questions and retort things in person. The interview will not exceed more than one hour and will be conducted by Ms. Annie, the CEO of A&J Organization, and Mr. Adam HR of A&J Organization. Please let us know will you be able to come easily on the said date and time.


We are glad Mr. Neil that you applied for the job of Physics teacher in our college. We were looking forward to the competent and hard-working teacher having profound experience in teaching English grammar and linguistic skills. We want to thank you heartedly for applying for the same position. I am informing you happy that we want to have a meeting with you to discuss in detail each and every bit of the job. We want to make certain that this job position would be high-affinity for you. You are requested to come on 3rd August at 10 am for a job interview where Ms. Sylvia will conduct your interview and it will not take more than forty-five minutes.


You would be much pleased and excited to know that you have been chosen as area manager for ABC Industries. Heartiest felicitations to you for this! Your knowledge, professional skills, worldliness, and grounding made you a suitable match for our industry. We are yearning to see your accomplishments being part of our group. Along with this message, an offering letter has been attached covering the reimbursement and profits we offer. You will also get to know in this letter about the working hours, our location and inception date. Kindly let me notify by 30th August if you are accepting this job offer. Let me know if you have any queries in mind I would be glad to answer them all.


Hello Den Christopher, hope you will be all fine. You had applied for the post of assistant director in Steward Enterprises six months ago. Although we were not in the same direction then but your name was kept top of mind. Recently, the assistant director post has been opened at our company and after reviewing your profile we find you best suitable for the same position. I would be glad to discuss the job details with you and what you have been up to since our last meeting in May 20XX. Can you visit my office on 15th July at 12 pm? Looking forward to getting a positive response from you!

Recruiting text message to applicants

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