New Year’s Eve Show Messages


Dear Matilda when I met you for the very first time, I was well aware of this that we are going to spend the rest of our lives together. Five years have been passed and still, I am reassured that my apprehension was right. I am thankful to you for spending precious moments with me. I love you to the moon and back and I wholeheartedly wish you New Year as you only deserve the finest. Moreover, there is going to be a great show in Manchester on New Year’s Eve and I have reserved two tickets for both of us. I am sure you will be much happy and excited after this news. Happy New Year my love!


New Year is a new book in everyone’s lives that is full of zeal and success and strives to do something exciting. While facing hardships keep this thing in mind that it brings positive results. May you be bestowed with a lot of success and wisdom this New Year. Let this wisdom guide you consistently. You have been given a chance by God to enter a new phase of life and the journey ahead of you is full of surprises, roller coasters, and success. I have arranged a small show in my home on account of New Year’s Eve and your participation is a must in it. Eagerly waiting to see you on this occasion! Happy New Year!


As the New Year comes it signifies that we have completed one more year of our friendship successfully. You know that we met first time on New Year’s Eve show and today marks our 6th friend’s anniversary too, so this day has double happiness for us. I have planned this year to revive our memories again at the place where we met for the first time and ABC Restaurant is arranging a great show in this regard where there will be a lot of surprises, amazing gifts, musical concerts, and live sessions. Make yourself free on New Year’s Eve as I am going to pick you up from your place. Happy New Year my love!


Hello Luther, hope you have been doing fantastic and planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a unique way. I know that last year was very hard for you as you faced a lot of hardships but keep this thing in mind that failing does not mean that you have lacked behind it means that you have gathered enough courage to bring your life on the right track. Do not let this failure be a barrier in your way of success but make the best use of it and made yourself stronger. If you are free on New Year’s Eve, then let me know as we are going to attend a musical concert arranged by XYZ Group of Organization where there will be lot of musical activities and fire shows and we are going to have great fun there. I am sending a surprise gift along with this message for you to wear to the show. Happy New Year Sweetheart!


With every end, there comes a window of opportunities and ways of beginning. I wish your new year to be filled with wonderful memories and you continue to realize your aspirations and dreams. Make a firm resolution on this New Year’s Eve and promise yourself to accomplish any unfinished dream as good things always come to those that patiently wait and when you feel a little down just keep this thing in mind that you are just a few steps away from victory. Start your New Year with this resolution. Moreover, I am writing this message to let you know that there is a show for New Year’s Eve in Times Square and every year I go there and enjoy it. This year I have planned to go with you so make yourself prepared on New Year’s Eve.


Dear Charles, you are the greatest gift of my life ever I have been bestowed with. As you know that New Year’s Eve is just around the corner so there is going to be a small party at my place where all my close friends are invited. With this message I want to let you know that it is all about the fulfillment of wishes, setting goals, and dreaming big as New Year is bringing along a lot of opportunities so do not miss a single chance to avail this. I wish you great success and may this year bring a lot of happiness and good luck in your life. Happy New Year’s Eve and I eagerly to see you in the show.


Hello sweetheart, I wish you have a mesmerizing New Year ahead, and may you find good fortune ahead of you. As it is the end of the year, it reminisces of all those marvelous things that you have done for me and I am very thankful to you for always being an amazing friend to me. New Year is like a new book of life, and it depends on you how you read the book. You have always helped me out to pass through every difficulty and I will always remain indebted to you. I owe you for your unconditional love. Hope to see you at New Year’s Eve show as we are going to have a lot of fun there and we will again make wonderful memories together. Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve show message

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