Messages to Previous Employer for Rejoining


I hope you will be doing great. This message aims to make a formal request to you to rejoin for the same position, in your organization, I had been working. I had left my previous job after bona fide resignation and then join XYZ Enterprises as a data analyst. The sole intention behind this resignation was to enhance my abilities amid professionalism. Once I joined XYZ Organization, soon I realized that the tasks and liabilities do not match my aptitude and expectations. Moreover, it was also lacking a peaceful working environment so after going through the whole scenario, I made a settlement to contact you asking for rejoining.

I have worked for more than ten years in your organization as a data analyst, and I am asking you to allocate me for the same position. I am regretful of my decision of leaving your organization despite numerous growth opportunities and a good working atmosphere to exalt in my career. I promise that this time I will execute long-term adherence and will work with full devotion to accomplish the targets.


Hope you have been doing well. I am Steward Louis, a previous employee of your organization. The nature of my job here was on the post of graphic designing and now I am making a request to rejoin the job. The reason for leaving my previous job was that I got my leg fractured and remained in a prolonged illness. During my employment, I had tried to give my best to the organization and performed my duties sincerely.

I am unemployed currently and in search of a job. I am writing this message to ask you to give me a chance one more time to serve this organization based on my previous achievements during employment. I assure you that I will execute my tasks with devotion, commitment, and sincerity and I will not give you a chance to complaint this time. Hope you understand me well. Kindly let me know via email about your response.


I am Mathew Ralph and have remained an employee of your organization as head of sales officer. This message serves to ask you for rejoining the same position. Due to ongoing serious problems, I gave resignation, and the matter has almost been solved now so I am looking again to rejoin. I am making you a request to consider me eligible for the job keeping in view my previous record and performance I have made during my employment here. I make you certain that I will perform my tasks dutifully with much commitment, sincerity, and devotedness. Looking forward to hearing a positive response from you!


Dear Sir, kindly permit me to tell you regarding my subject of rejoining your organization after resignation. With due respect, it is stated, that I have served for the post of assistant director in your organization from 12th September 2015 to 6th January 2021. Last year because of the sudden death of my husband I left the job and submitted my resignation. After that throughout the year, I looked for another job regarding my career building, but all went in vain, and I could not attain any job. It has become very difficult for me to make both hands meet and to fulfill my family needs is my responsibility, there I am direly in need of a job. I request you to please adjust me for the old post that I had left a year ago.

I have come to know through some well-grounded resources that my vacant position has not been filled yet and you need ann employee for this position. Therefore, I make you a request of coming back to the same post I had been working. Looking forward to getting a positive response from you! You can let me know via email at any time for the interview. I would be highly thankful to you for dealing with me with kindness.

Messages to Previous Employer for Rejoining

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