Hello Hi Messages to Old Boss


Hello Sir, hope you have been doing great in your life. I was thinking for a long time to contact you but due to some personal commitments, I could not find the time. I was wondering how you have been doing during all these years after your retirement. I have been your employee in AB Organization, and I spent valuable time under your kind supervision. We have talked for a long time, but I still remember all the great times that we have spent together. I was thinking of getting together and I hope you will find time from your busy schedule, and we will recall the last time. Waiting for a positive reply from your side! Have a good day sir.


Dear Sir, hope you find this message in good health. I am Susiana Paarl and have remained your employee in XYZ Enterprises. I learned a lot of things in your supervision, and you have always remained a role model for me. I was greatly impressed with the way of treating your employees. You possess all the qualities of a good boss. After working with you I came to know that working life is so much fun as you always treated us equally. You tolerated all our complaints and managed to say friendly to us each day. You were both a friend and boss at the same time. I want to catch up with you, so please tell me when you will be free. I hope that you will give me the chance of hospitality. I hope you will let me know soon the timings.


Hello Sir. How have you been doing after your retirement? I am the luckiest one as I got the chance to work with you and enhance my skills. After working with an enthusiastic and resilient employer like you I feel a little upset with my friends as when they talk bad about their bosses, I am left with nothing to say. I always appreciate you in front of my friends and they feel jealous of me as they do not have the experience of working with kindhearted bosses like you. I am writing this message to have your little time as I was thinking for a long time to meet you. I miss your sweet talks and mannerism. I am hopeful that you will find time for me. I will always remain indebted to you if you grant me the opportunity to meet you.


I was longing to see you for the last couple of months but each time I got busy doing office stuff, projects, and meetings. As New Year is about to come so I thought to send blessings on your way. I pray that this coming year is filled with delightful evocations, and you realize your dreams. I always appreciate your way of handling difficult tasks in the simplest way and making your employees feel relaxed. Working with you was as if my dream has come true. Today, I have become HR of ABC Enterprises and it happened because of your guidelines and mentorship that I became able to carry out different responsibilities. I want to invite you to the inauguration ceremony of the new branch of ABC Enterprises and want you to give a motivational speech to the youngsters. It would be a great honor for me if you will come. Looking forward to getting a positive response from you!


Hope you have been doing great sir. I came to know yesterday that you have opened multiple branches of your organization in Manchester, Brooklyn, and Huston. I feel privileged that I worked with such a wonderful boss like you. We all know well that good things are for those that wait for it patiently and you proved it with your resilience and hard work that nothing is impossible when you have a firm resolution. Apart from professionalism, communication, and decision making the foremost thing I learned from you is how to be a wonderful being. The time I have spent with you in the office was one of the wonderful times of my life and it did not matter to me if it took 3 hours extra at the workplace. I always enjoyed my work under your surveillance. You are truly motivational as a mentor and highly inspirational as a human being. You are a true guider that really helped us in flying high and we achieved our appraisals and targets easily.


Hello Sir, Hope you are doing great. I just wanted to catch up with you as it’s been a long since we talked. I have worked in your organization for five years and spent a wonderful time there. Due to some reasons, I had to give resignation, but it was my dream to work with you. I am writing this message to plan a get-together with you. Can you please meet me this weekend so may we have a detailed discussion about the ongoing situation of the country with a cup of coffee? My credit of success only goes to you as it was not possible without your endeavors. I still remember the first day in my office when I was dumb, shy, and confused with zero confidence while today I am touching the skies’ heights. Thanks for being an amazing boss and showing me my worth. I owe you for this.

Hello Hi message to old boss

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