Messages of Sick Leave from School


Respected Madam, With due reverence this message aims to let you notify that I am a student of 9th grade in your school. Due to prevailing weather conditions and intense cold, I have been fallen ill and hospitalized for the past five days. Doctors had kept me under observation for two days and now I am a little better, but still, I am not in a situation to attend school. I hope that you will understand my situation and will allow me to leave from 14th August to 24th August. For your reference, a medical document has been inserted with this message. I promise that once I get better I will attend school.


Hello Madam, hope everything is going well around the corner. Please be informed that I was not feeling well for the past four days and today my corona test has come positive. My situation is becoming very crucial as I am facing a lot of difficulties while breathing. I am trying my level best to not have any contact or to meet anyone during these days and I have kept myself in isolation. I am taking online assistance from doctors and I am hopeful that I will be recovered soon. Therefore, I request you to sanction my leave until my test comes negative. I will be highly thankful for your considering my request.


With due respect, I am going to inform you that I have been diagnosed with typhoid and my consultant has advised taking complete rest till I get back to sound health. keeping in view the aforementioned condition I request you to allow me to leave for three weeks from [Mention Date] to [Mention Date]. I will be indebted to you for this assistance.


Most respectfully, it is stated that I am Julian Manta and student of 8th grade in your school. I am writing this message to bring to your notice that due to a high fever I have severe body aches and I am feeling very low. In this condition, I am unable to attend school for at least the next three days. Therefore, in your esteemed rank, I am making a request to allow me three days of sick leave. as of now, I am taking proper care of my health and following my doctor’s advice and I am hopeful that I will get back to normal health soon.


Dear Sir, I am writing this message with due reverence to let you notify about my poor health. I have severe headache since last night and it is getting worsened with each passing moment. I have taken medicine but it did not relieve my pain. I cannot come to school in this situation and I want two days’ leave for relaxation. I had tried my best to come to school in spite of my frailty and I know well that school has made arrangements regarding appearance but due to my illness I cannot attend classes. Therefore, I humbly request you to grant me leave for three days from [Mention Date] to [Mention Date] instant.


Respected Sir, I am John Cather and a student of 10th grade n your school. The main purpose of writing this message is to inform you that due to high fever, cough, and flu it is difficult for me to attend school. I want three days to leave for complete rest. I make it certain that I will try to accomplish all the lessons that will be taught during my absence. I will find some time daily to finish the assignments that were given out by Miss Ludhiana. Therefore, I request you to consider my application and will allow me three days’ leave. I will be highly grateful to you.


Respected Madam, I am an Accountant teacher at your school and I am writing this message to inform you that I have not been feeling well for the past two days due to a headache and fever. The reason for this is that I am in the last trimester of pregnancy and my delivery date is approaching very soon. This phase is very crucial for me and I need complete rest at this stage. As I am going to be a mother for the first time so, I am very concerned about my newborn, and I cannot wait for the time when my child will be in my arms. I am hopeful that you will understand my circumstances and will allow me maternity leave from [Mention Date] to [Mention Date] so may I cherish the worthiest moments of life with my baby. I will remain indebted to you for your kindness.


This message aims as my leave message from school today. I am Stalin Burk and teach Media Studies at ABC School. The reason for my leave is that I have been dealing with a stomachache and food poisoning since yesterday and it did not let me sit peacefully even for a while. I had intended to inform you prior but due to the overwhelming ailment, I could not inform you. I have an appointment with the doctor and I will keep updating you about my progress. After taking proper rest and medication, I will be able to join school again as I am critically stunned by feebleness. I hope that you will take into account my request and will allow me two days’ leave from school. I make certain that I will take extra classes to compensate for the workload during my absence.

Message of sick leave from school

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