Messages of Non-following of SOPs in the Office


Dear Matilda, this has come to management’s notice that you have violated the company’s SOPs and not executing your duties diligently. It seems that either you do not have well awareness of your job’s nature, or you are not taking an interest to carry out your tasks. The company has suffered a lot due to your ignorance and poor performance. If you are not at home with your job responsibilities, then you should have consulted your concerned supervisor on how to carry out responsibilities successfully. But you did not show any interest in asking from your superiors. Your ignorant attitude in non-following the company’s rules and procedures has impacted badly in your performance. You are warned hereby to follow the organization’s SOPs at any rate in the future. You need to update yourself in carrying out your duties. If you show violation in following the company’s standards, then you will be dispensed without any prior notice.


There has been seen a peak in Covid-19 cases as they have evolved further, and we are facing consequential challenges. This outbreak has been declared a pandemic. Impactful and strict measures have been taken in this regard around the world. There is a sense of anxiousness that is prevailing everywhere. You all have stood resilient as employees over the years, and we have come across many challenging phases. I am hopeful that we will overcome this phase too. This message aims to let you know that as per the SOP’s implemented by the government you are bound to follow it at any rate. Any employee who is found violating SOPs will be treated strictly and abrupt action will be taken against him. The safety of employees is the first and foremost duty of our organization and we hope that this time too you will cooperate with us.


Hello, all hope you all will be fine. We are minutely keeping an eye on the Covid-19 outbreak. Although our region has been affected mildly we want to ensure to take all precautionary measures to circumvent any risk. Therefore, you all are requested to pay extra heed to this matter and execute the following instructions. In case you are sick then you are requested to immediately leave the office and stay at home so others may not get infected. We are very concerned about office sterility. Wash your hands for twenty seconds regularly and sanitize after washing. This can be found anywhere in the office. Maintain a distance from others to avoid any physical contact. There will be no gatherings during the lunch break. Taking care of your health is our foremost priority and we will keep updating you if there need to follow any further measurements. Nonfollowing of SOPs will be considered a bad act and you yourself will be responsible for its consequences.


Kindly take this message as a warning about your non-following of the company’s rules and regulations. I have recently been informed by your supervisor related to your insubordination at the workplace. I have been reported that you are not following instructions given to you and accomplishing tasks with your own individual approach. Therefore, this message is a warning to you of your ruthless attitude to your instructor. You need to know that every company has its own standard operating procedures, and it paves way for teamwork under the surveillance of the respective mentors. Non following of rules cannot be accepted at any rate. You have the freedom of presenting your individual strategy and ideas, but you must follow the guidelines as it is beneficial for keeping harmony at work.


Dear Miss Anne, hope you find this message in good health. This has come to our notice that you are not following the rules and procedures the company has prescribed for its workers to execute their tasks at the workplace. By doing so, you have violated the company’s clauses and the guidelines you were provided during your joining. Following the SOPs should be your first and foremost responsibility so that end results will not be obstructed at any rate. Non-following the SOPs will result in strict disciplinary action against you and it can also lead to your work suspension, monthly salary deduction. You can be terminated too from your employment and the final decision will be taken by management. You are hereby advised to adhere to the company’s SOPs strictly to avoid any such incident. We are hopeful that you will show us positive results.


This has come to my notice by Mr. Alexei that for the past ten days you are bringing your younger son to the workplace. I know that you are a single parent, and my all sympathies are with you. But the company does allow its workers, at any rate, to come to the workplace with their children. This attitude cannot be accepted, and you need to make alternate arrangements as soon as possible. in case you do not go with the company’s rules then we will be left with no option than to take strict action against you. As far as I know, you are an enthusiastic and hardworking employee. I hope that you will follow workplace rules and will continue to exhibit honesty towards your job.

Messages of Non-following of SOPs in the Office 

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