Congratulation Messages for Honor Daughter


Congratulations Sylvia on your graduation. Your mother and I are so proud and delighted about your procurement. You have proved that you are not only a good daughter but a good student also. To celebrate your graduation, we have planned a vacation trip to Manchester.


Dear Anne, after watching your yesterday’s performance in Victorian Theatre I am so glad and feel proud to be your mother. To get a lead role is the best elbow room to chase your dreams. Admirations to you my dearest!


Congratulation my sweetheart for winning a gold medal in Annual Sports Championship! Your hard work has paid off. You have proved that you are a talented and exuberant girl, and it was a great moment for me to see you on the stage receiving the prize. Your achievement has made me as well as your father proud.


Warm felicitations to you my princess for crowning the title of Ms. World! You have always been the shining star of the family. I am so proud of you for your achievement. I still remember the days how you emulated famous actresses, standing in front of the mirror and trying to walk like a beauty queen. May you achieve many such achievements.


Congratulations Elizabeth for buying a luxurious house. It is the result of years of planning and your hard work. It is time now to savor the fruits of your labor. Cannot wait now to attend a house party you are throwing in this regard.


You have always dreamt of setting up your own business and now your dream has come true. You have proven that with continuous hard work and sincere efforts everything can be achieved. Congratulations on opening a luxurious restaurant in the middle of town.


Congratulations Julia for a well-done job. You have been upgraded as area manager and it is a proud moment for us. Many more achievements are waiting for you on the long road of life.


Congratulations on buying a brand-new car. Since childhood, you had a dream of buying your own car and today you have realized your dream. Your father and I are so proud of you. Keep your spirits high and move forward with the same zeal and zest.


Finally, you have given birth to your baby. It was the most awaited moment for me as I was eagerly waiting to hold my granddaughter in my arms. May God shower his blessings on you and the little angel.


Dear Angela, warm felicitations to you for marrying the love of your life. You both complete each other. May your conjugal life be filled with love, respect, merriment, and peace. Cannot wait to see you on weekend. Stay blessed.


Hard work always results in beautiful form and congratulations for getting the highest grade in A-Level. Congratulations my daughter. Your father is very much excited after hearing the news of your result and he has thrown a dinner party in your honor. Keep shining my rock star.


Best wishes to you on getting your driving license. Your father has already bought a brand-new car for you. We had thought to give it to you when you will get your license. You have done it finally! Your car is waiting for you. Come home quickly sweetheart.


Finally, you have achieved another milestone in your life. It was your biggest dream to get admission to medical college. It was not possible without making extra efforts and studying day and night. May your future life be filled with lots of achievements and success. Stay blessed Eustacia.


Congratulations Sexton for entering the 10th year of your life. As it is your birthday today so I am very exciting. I can still feel the happiness that I had holding you for the very first time. May you be bestowed with happiness, peace of mind, and good health. May you live hundreds of years.


Sending warm wishes your way for passing 10th grade with flying colors. I know the efforts you put in for achieving this. We will celebrate your success this Friday with your cousins and close friends. You can invite any of your friends and it has been arranged in your honor.

Congratulation message for honor daughter

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