Message to HR for Incorrect Salary


I am writing this message to ask for the amount I received as this month’s salary. I receive 10,000$ every month as a net salary but the salary I got this month was half of my actual salary. Almost half of the salary has been deducted. I cannot apprehend the deduction, whether it is a technical fault or done knowingly. I request you to give me this month’s salary breakdown as I am a salary-based person and meet my all expenses with it. if it is some error then please ensure to adjust my next month’s salary. Looking forward to getting a positive response from you.


I am Arthur Lewis and part of the system organization team in your organization situated at North Korea, Street, 9999. The sole aim of this message is to draw your attention to the mismatch between the received salary and mentioned salary in the pay slip. The salary was transferred to my bank account yesterday and I have scrutinized with the accounts department about the difference between the salary mentioned in the pay slip and the actual salary. I have got this problem for the first time and I hope that it might be some error. This error can cause tax calculation issues in the future. I request you to investigate the matter and to make sure that the same will not occur again. I am looking forward to your kind support.


Dear Sir, hope you have been doing well. This message is to inform you that some error has occurred in my monthly salary and immediate attention is required to solve this matter. The amount I have received is incorrect and inappropriate and I request you to inquire about the matter on an immediate basis so that it may be corrected. Any finance charges of this amount should be credited and need to undergo other alterations that are required. To support my position I am attaching a copy of my salary slip. Kindly look into this matter and make it error-free as soon as possible.


Hope you find this message in good health. With this message, I like to draw your attention to an important matter that needs to be addressed on the earliest basis. The accounts office has made an unnecessary deduction in my current month’s salary and has not provided any information or detail about it. Even I have not been told about it before. The deducted amount is more than half of my salary and it is very important to know its reason. I request you to solve this matter immediately as it is getting very difficult for me to run my household. Kindly make sure that I will not face such problem again. Thank you.


This is to inform you that I took three days’ leave last month on [mention date] after properly informing the organization. I know well that a one-day leave results in a salary deduction. But instead of three, they deducted seven days’ salary which is unfair and unjustifiable as per the company’s agreement. I request you humbly that the deduction of seven days should be waived down to three days. I will be grateful to you for solving this matter on an immediate basis.


I am Smith Marlow and writing this message as a request to review my incorrect salary. My performance and attendance record last month was good but despite this significant amount has been deducted from my salary. I request you to do necessary in this regard and release the amount that has been deducted without any reason. I had approached the accounts department but they did not give me any justification. I am looking forward to your positive response to solve this issue. I need the deducted amount urgently for the maintenance of my family.


I am a salesperson in your ABC Organization. This message is to bring to light my grievances about the deduction of salary for this month. I am poor financially and my family depends on me. I have to meet the medical expenses of my old parents and a family to feed. This deduction has affected badly our lives. According to the policy of the organization, they inform beforehand for any deduction. I had consulted the accounts department manager about this but he instructed me to approach HR. it would be a great act of kindness if you ponder over this matter immediately. Thank you in advance.

Message to HR for incorrect salary