Leave Messages for Foot Injury in School


Respected Sir, I am writing this message to let you notify that last Friday I sustained an injury to my foot. For complete recovery, I need off time from work. This incident occurred when I was on my way home from school while I was driving. An oblivious truck driver suddenly appeared in the wrong lane and knocked us off. All of us that were sitting in the car met with injuries and my left ankle sprained. I am not in a position now to drive a car now. As per the estimated time of doctors, the recovery will take at least ten days. I will try to report to work as soon as possible. If I make myself available right now at the work, then it will result in causing more damage than good.


I am Jonathan Stewart and work as a mathematics lecturer in your institute for the past five years. On my way back home yesterday, I have met with a serious accident. While I was coming from the stairs, I suddenly fell off and was immediately admitted to the nearby hospital by my coworkers. The doctors have detected cracking in my right foot, and I am in a lot of pain. I am still admitted to the hospital and the doctor has prescribed some more tests to perform surgery.

I am not in a condition to walk and stand on my own and therefore it would be impossible for me to attend office. Because of this reason, I am asking for your favor for two weeks’ leave. I assure you that once I will get better, I will come back to the office and if not then I will work from home. I request you to give kind consideration to this request. I will be very thankful to you for this. For your convenience, I have attached my reports and X-ray. I will be continuing work once I get better petrol. Thank you!!


I am Jessica and studying in grade 9th in your school. I come on a motorbike daily. Today, because of the mistake of the car driver my brother lost control over the motorbike, and we met with a severe accident. As a result, I have got multiple injuries on my leg, foot, and all over the body. I have abrasions and bruises on my knee and foot, and it has made me unable to walk. My mother is taking utmost care of me, and doctors have started my proper treatment.

I have always been a regular student and I do not miss a single class, but I will not be able to attend classes in this situation. I hope that I will get better in two weeks. Kindly allow me to leave for the above-mentioned period so may I rest at home and recover soon. I have attached my X-ray and other reports along with this message.


With due respect, it is stated that yesterday I have met with an accident and because of it, it would not be possible for me to come to school for three days. I, along with my friend, was going home from school and on the way, I got a severe foot injury. It has made me stick to the bed and I am unable even to move. I have been affected with a lot of redness, swelling, and blemishes. My doctor has thoroughly checked me, and it seems like a mild fracture.

I have been instructed to take complete rest. It is my humble request to you to grant me leave for seven days. I would be back to school hopefully after these days. I will try my best to complete the workload and for this purpose, I have contacted my classmate Alexey and he send me lectures on a daily basis.


I am penning down this message to bring to your notice that for the next fifteen days it would not be possible for me to attend school. I have got injuries to my foot. The doctor has prescribed me complete bed rest for one week, otherwise, I will not be able to recover. For any queries related to work, I can remain available through email. I have contacted miss Elizabeth and she can take classes during my absence.

I hope that my absence will not cause any disruption. Although I have completed all the syllabus for my students but to avoid any inconvenience, I will take extra classes when I come back. Thanking you in anticipation for giving me the favor.


Dear sir, hope you have been doing great. I am writing this message to let you notify that I will not be available for the next ten days. The reason for this is I have gotten a foot injury and was immediately rushed to the hospital for ministrations. As per the instruction of doctors I will be repossessing at home until I will be cleared by doctors to carry out my official activities. I am sorry for the disruption that it will cause. For the follow-ups, I can be contacted on the phone, and I have attached my medical reports along with this message to support my claim.

Leave message for foot injury in school

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