Loose Motions Urgent Leave Messages to Boss

Respected sir, I apologize for the unofficial next lines that you have to read but I have weird aches in my stomach. I have been feeling ill for the past two days because of loose motions but I still didn’t take a day off. I thought I’ll be fine on medicines only but I guess now I have to leave for the hospital. My loose motions are killing me and I’m unable to focus on anything else other than my stomach at the moment. Please allow me to take a day off from work today. Hopefully, I shall be back tomorrow with more efficiency.

Dear boss, I was suffering from food poisoning for the past two days as I took leave. However, I came to the office today considering how much my attendance was needed. But because of loose motions and diarrhea, I have to constantly leave my desk and use the bathroom. This is not only causing disturbance for me but everyone else in the office. So, if you could please grant me an early leave for today, I’ll be grateful.

Respected madam, I apologize for the inconvenience my leave is going to cause today. But the truth of the matter is that I will not be able to make it to the office due to loose motions. I have taken medicines and the doctor has advised me for complete bed rest and other precautionary measures. I really hope you understand my genuine reason for my absence.

Respected sir, I’m suffering from severe loose motions and a bad stomachache. I regret to inform you that I won’t be able to make it to the office today for the reason mentioned before. I apologize from the bottom of my heart. Please do not worry about the workload as I have already asked XYZ to work on my behalf as an extra shift today. Thank you in advance.

Sir, I’m messaging to inform you about my ill health today. Due to back-to-back vomiting and diarrhea, physically I am not feeling good at all. In fact, I am leaving for the hospital to get myself admitted for a couple of hours to retain some water and glucose back in the body to move around normally. With all due respect, I expect you to understand my condition and grant me leave for today. I shall be making up for the loss today as soon as I am back at the office tomorrow.

Respected sir, as you know my health condition from the past couple of days has been deteriorating. Today I found out at the hospital that I’m suffering from food poisoning. Consequently, my doctor has told me to get myself admitted to the hospital ASAP. I have no other option but to get complete bed rest and get an IV for my weakness. I really hope you understand my condition and find it in your heart to grant me leave for only today.

Loose motion leave message to boss

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