Headache Leave Urgent Message to Boss

Dear boss, I have been having headaches since this morning when I woke up. I took some medicine after breakfast thinking it would go away as usual but this time it’s just worsening. So, if you could please spare me some time to go to the doctor’s clinic during office hours right now I shall be very grateful to you. I promise to catch up on my missed work as soon as I am back.

Respected sir, I have chronic migraine issues. Today the headache is killing me and I’m unable to focus on office work. I forgot my medicine at home and the doctor’s office is nearby. If you allow me to leave for a bit, I will take a doctor’s appointment and get myself checked. Thank you in advance.

With due respect, sir! The workload from the past three weeks at the office was quite burdening. My health isn’t already in good condition and I’m suffering from a severe headache at the moment. If you could kindly grant me leave early today, I’ll be really grateful to you.

Respected madam, I’m unable to pay attention at work right now because of my severe headache. If I continue to work, I fear I might faint. I require immediate medical help right now. If you could please allow me to take some time off, I promise to cope up with my work ASAP. Thank you in advance.

Respected sir, I have had a severe headache since yesterday I got back from work. I think the heatstroke is getting to my head becoming a barrier in any chore even at home. Due to this reason, I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it to work today. I know the work pressure is much from our clients but I have already talked to XYZ and my work for today will be handled. I will come on time tomorrow and make sure to stay an hour extra to make up for today’s leave. Kindly, grant me a full day’s leave today. Thank you.

Dear sir, you have always called me your best employee because of my punctuality and no days off policy at work. But you also know I get headaches here and there and I have to take medicines to keep me sane. But my medicines have finished and I need to refill my bottle. Today is the day of refilling my prescribed medicine. Unfortunately, no one else is able to go on my behalf so I have to go pick up my medicine from the pharmacy. This will also allow me to intake medicine so I can relieve my pain. If you could allow me an hour or less off from work today, I shall be very grateful to you.

Dear sir, I hope you consider this message a top priority because I’m leaving the office for a short period of time today without informing anyone else but you. The reason for it is my chronic headache as you already know. I will get the required things from the store to make my headache go away and be back very soon. Thanks for waiting for me.

Headache Leave Urgent Message to Boss

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