Invitation Reminder Email Messages


Hi, how are you? I am writing this email to remind you of the upcoming Christmas party at my home. You told me to remind you later. So, I am writing a message for you that you and your family are invited in the evening. Our old friends with their families are coming. Be on time. It is not only the party rather old friends getting together. We will be having fun. I am arranging games for kids so that they won’t be bored at the adult party plus for the elder I have arranged special entertainment stuff. Come on time and have fun. Happy Christmas.


Hi sweet fellow. I hope you are doing well. Tomorrow is my son’s birthday party. I thought to remind you. As I called you last week you were quite busy with your family. I thought maybe you forgot about the party. I want that you must come. My son is anxiously waiting for his favorite aunt and his buddy. I hope you will be free from your family and other stuff. Waiting for you, dear. Be on time. Let’s have fun.


It is to inform you all staff members must be on time at the company’s annual dinner. I am reminding you about the event so that all the employees are on time. It is the message from CEO to be on time. Staff members can come with their families. All employees have to confirm their presence before the party day. Thanks. I hope you will come and enjoy the annual event of the company. You will be having fun as the company is arranging different games and events so no one gets bored in the event.


Hi dear, how are you feeling now? I hope you are good now and your leg injury must be healed much. I am sending you a message to remind you about the party at my place this weekend. I know you were in pain and were unable to move. But now you have recovered much so I thought to remind you about the party. No excuses, you have to come for sure. Without you, my party will be boring. I need my best companion for my special event. Anxiously waiting for you.


Happy Christmas and winters dear friend. How are you? So, what’s your plan that you were making. If you are not going then surely you are coming to my place on Christmas evening. I don’t want any no from your side. Last week you told remind me about the party. Your brother told me that you are not going so, I thought to remind you about the party. Let’s celebrate the cold days with hot cocoa and baked yummy turkey. I will be preparing, decorating, and arranging all the stuff by my own self. You will love the arrangements. Hope you will come. I know you are somewhat disappointed as your program has canceled but I assure you by attending the party you will forget all mishaps and enjoy the party.

Invitation reminder email message

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