Grand Opening Announcement Messages


Hello all hope you will be fine. I am Kurtz Magneto, the owner of ABC Enterprises. This message announces the grand opening of Manchester’s located outlet. We are opening on 3rd September, and we receive good feedback from the customers. This would be our first outlet in this town, and I am looking forward to getting positive retaliation from our valuable customers whom we have giving our services for the past fifteen years. On your first purchase, you will get a flat 50% off and there will be amazing surprises and gifts for you in the lucky draw. We will be beholden to give you, our services. Do visit our store must. Thank you.


Dear Mr. Bogus, we owe you for being one of our unique suppliers for the past ten years and we want to prolong our business terms with you. Our relationship has gotten stronger over the years, and we metamorphosed from professionals to best champs. Due to this relation of ours, I am announcing very happily to you about the grand opening of our franchise in Huston. It would be my pleasure to have your presence on opening day. I know that being a busy person it would be difficult for you to find time from your fixed schedule, but we would be very obliged if you find a few hours to join us in the grand opening of our outlet.


A warm greeting to you! Tennessee Café will be beholden to you at the grand opening celebration of its 5th branch in New York on 20-11-20XX. The ceremony will take place on our café’s ground floor at 7 pm. You will enjoy multiple performances there from musical concerts to cultural dances. We are inviting guests from different countries, and it will be a good opportunity for you to interact with them too. At the end of the ceremony, there will be a bonfire and Cocktail disposed of for our valuable guests. We will be highly privileged if you join us to add more colors to our happiness. Kindly allow us to serve you in the best possible way. Looking forward to having your presence on opening day!


This message is being written to announce very exciting news for all of you. We are opening our new outlet near Mariana’s Banquet, and you all are invited to its grand opening. This outlet meets all the basic needs of connoisseurs who are green panthers and enjoy fishing and camping. It provides its client’s full line of bobfloat covering reels, stumbles, and live bait. You will find all items incorporating rifle cases and camp stoves for outdoor swiftness. We have a wide range of outdoor vestures for ladies and gents including hiking shoes and sunglasses. The great opening of our outlet will be held on 13th October, near Quentin Avenue. We have top-notch artifacts for our worthy customers. There are discount vouchers and surprising gifts too for all of you. So do not miss this opportunity and grab your gifts.


Dear Ms. Louis, I hope you will be all fine. We have been on good business terms over the past few years, and I am letting you know through this message about the grand opening of a new franchise in Massachusetts. You are invited along with your family to grace the event and we have arranged a musical night too in this regard. Our new outlet has been designed on the pattern of its old outlets and here you will have a variety of different items. The opening ceremony will be on 2nd October, and I request you to come.


Hello Adam, finally the moment has come we all were waiting for. Skyways Enterprises is back with its new outlet in your town. In this regard, we have arranged a small opening ceremony and have sent invitations to only a few people. You have been my copartner and best friend, so I want you to be with me during the launch ceremony of Skyways Enterprises. You can find everything here from apparel to food items and much more. The ceremony will be held on 1st August, and you will be my special guest. To entertain the guests there are fantastic games and quizzes. Please add this date to your schedule and make the event enchanting with your valuable presence. Waiting for a positive response from you!

Grand Opening Announcement Message

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