Apology Letter to Teacher for not Attending Online Classes


Dear Sir, I am writing this message to seek an apology from you for not attending the online class yesterday. My cousins were at my place on weekend and the next morning I woke up late. When I requested to join the class then there were only ten minutes left, so my request was declined. I am sorry for missing this important class. I admit that my behavior was irresponsible. Forgive me kindly. I pledge not to recur the same mistake again. I will put extra effort to cover the missed topic so may I be able to catch up with other classmates.


Kindly accept this message as an apology for missing the English class on 12th October. I had to take my mother to the hospital for her monthly checkup. Although I had tried hard to not miss the class somehow, I missed it and I am really apologetic for doing this. My behavior was discourteous and irreverent. I applaud your ardor and eagerness for the English subject and you try your level best to make us stand among the rising stars of the country. I swear to not rerun the mistake again. Although I have been given punishment, I chose to write this message to show that I am really sorry for this. Henceforth, I will be serious in my studies.


I am remorseful for not attending classes for a week. The reason behind this was that I had to travel to Massachusetts with my father for having her medical checkup done as she is a heart patient. I regret that I did not inform you of the time as all happened in urgency. The news of my mother’s illness created a lot of disturbance in the family and I forgot to seek permission from you. I am despondent about this and I assure you that I will try my best to cover the syllabus. Kindly accept my sincere apology.


This message is being written to proclaim my penitence for missing General Science’s class on 12th November 20XX. I was not able to attend the class because of the inescapable state of affairs. On 11th November I got some minor injuries and immediately I was rushed to a nearby hospital. The doctor put me on a heavy dose of medicine and it made me unable to attend your class the very next day. I was not intended to miss the class as you had to cover a lot of important topics in it. I request you to please arrange a makeup class for me if possible, so may I recover the loss. I will work hard now to get good grades in your subject. Bundle of thanks for your support and apprehension.


Kindly accept this message as an apology for not attending your class on 3rd November 20XX. I am extremely repentant for missing such an important class. I really honor you being my mentor and advisor and want to tell you what happened exactly on 3rd November. My father had got heart stroke on that day and we rushed him to hospital. This all happened so suddenly that I did not find time to inform. He was kept under surveillance for two days. My family needed me at this time and I remained in hospital until my father got discharged. I know that you had asked us to not miss this class as you were going to discuss important questions related to exams. I am hopeful that you will acknowledge my situation and will pardon me for not taking your class. Please consider my vindication and I guarantee that I will work hard to complete the topics.


This is to let you notify that I want to seek an apology for missing your online classes. I had got my corona test positive and it made me seriously ill and weak. For this reason, I could not attend your class. I admit that I have missed the deadline of submitting Math’s assignment but I will work hard to accomplish it in three to four days. I request you to accept my justification and consider my assignment. For your reference, I have affixed my reports along with this message. Please consider my apologies; I will be grateful to you.

Apology Letter to Teacher for not Attending Online Classes

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