Goodbye Message to Boss after Resignation


Tomorrow will be my last working day in ABC Corporation as an employee and at this moment I want to pay my sincere gratitude to you for your guidance and support during my tenure here. It was a wonderful experience working here and I have experienced prodigious professional and personal growth. I have learned many things under your kind supervision and at my resignation, I wish you continued success. I want to be in touch with you after my resignation.


As you know that it will be my last working day tomorrow as a marketing assistant in your company. It is heartrending for me to say goodbye to such a kindhearted boss which has guided me in every possible way through my tenure. I am exciting too to have new opportunities and experiences waiting for me as assistant manager. I want to pay my gratitude to you for the things you have incorporated in me and you also told me how to be a great mentor and skillful leader.

To be under your kind supervision has impacted positively on my career and professional growth. Without your prolonged encouragement, it was impossible for me to execute all things in a professional way. I want to wish you and your employees heartedly continued to triumph. It will keep great importance for me to remain in touch with you and you can contact me via email or number. Thanks a bunch for all you have done for me.


Tomorrow on 12th April 20XX will be my last working day as an employee in XYZ Corporation. With this message, I want to extend my hat tips regarding guidance and support that I have been bestowing throughout my duration here. Before leaving, I must tell you that these years have vouchsafed me with profound exposure and learning. I have learned great management skills here and all the coworkers were supportive. I enjoyed being part of your team and I always adore your management approaches. I wish to execute the same skills in my next job but you will always remain my confidante and advisor and I will always anticipate your support and advice.


I intended to send you a note personally to apprise you that by 13th January 20XX I will be leaving ABC Enterprise. I am remorseful to go but the circumstances compelled me to resign immediately. As you know my exams are about to start next month and I want to give absolute attention to my studies. Before leaving, I must cherish you for being a sublime, majestic consummate personality. I have learned multiple things during my time here and its credit only goes to you.

I want to say a big thanks to you for being the best guider and mentor for providing my full support and attention during project research work. In the end, I must request you to please stay in touch with me. We can have tea often during our free time. I will keep visiting you whenever I get time. Stay blessed.


Kindly take this message as my resignation notice from the post of executive accountant. I have been offered from XYZ Corporation as branch manager and after thorough rumination, I am of the view that this window of opportunity is very much fortunate for me to brush aside. Working with you has always been a pleasure for me. I remember it as one of the best experiences of my career to consort with you to motorize XYZ Corporation’s accounting, balance, and financial systems and emplacing your accounting groundwork. Your organization is unflappable for unstoppable sprouting.

I will remain available after my departure to train and recruit my substitution and I will corroborate that all records and delineations are overhauled before 12th August 2021. I would like to thank Mr. Jack for giving opportunity and providing full assistance during my tenure here. Best of luck with your future ventures. I will really miss working with you.

Goodbye message to boss after resignation

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