Emergency Leave Messages for Mother Heart Attack


Dear sir, I am writing this message with a heavy heart to inform you that my mother had a heart attack yesterday and I had been busy arranging for medical support for her at the hospital the whole day. I could not sleep or eat anything and it burnt me. I need today’s off as an emergency to get some sleep and look after my mother as well. Hope you understand!


Dear boss, I am writing this message with a grieving heart as my mother just went through a heart attack this morning and I have been quite busy at the hospital. I need to take an emergency leave today as I am her only primary caregiver. I apologize for the inconvenience and promise to compensate it when I return.


Dear Madam, I am lost with words to notify you that my mother faced a heart stroke this morning giving us all a shock. All my siblings have gathered at my place to look after her and therefore I will be quite committed to my family today. Kindly allow me to take off today.


Dear boss, please receive this message as my formal application for an emergency leave as my mother underwent a severe heart attack last night. I am very busy with my family today and thus unable to assume my professional duties today. I’d be obliged if you could cooperate with me during the challenging family crisis time.


Dear boss, I request a compassionate leave for the day as my mother got a mild heart attack this morning. As per my employment policy, I am entitled to 10 compassionate leaves per annum, and as you are aware I have not taken any this year. Kindly allow me to take leave for 2 days so I could look after my mother properly.


Dear boss, my mother is dependent on me as I am her only daughter and prime caregiver. On the weekend, she got a heart attack and I have been very busy with her these two days. However, her doctors have advised complete bed rest and therefore I need two days’ leave to look after her. I apologize for this inconvenience and hope you will not penalize me for this.


Respected sir, I am writing this message to bring a rather tragic matter to your attention my mother experienced a heart attack this morning. I had to rush her to the ER at my local hospital, but they referred her to a different hospital due to a lack of appropriate medical support. All of this has caused chaos in my home and as her sole caregiver, I am afraid will not be able to accompany you the work today.


Respected boss, I am writing this message with a grieving heart to update you that I will not be able to make it to the work today as my mother has undergone a heart attack last night. I hope you will cooperate with me in this difficult time.

Emergency leave message for mother heart attack