Congratulation Messages on Getting Married

Undauntedly, marriage is the blending of two hearts & emotions. You take an official initiative towards a life that is completely different from what you have been living till the date. This is a life full of promises & at times compromises as well. The beauty of this relationship lies in adoring the love for each other & never compromising on respect since this is the fundamental element of every relation which is mandatory to maintain a healthy married life. I wish you lead a very happy & blessed married life. The heartiest congratulation to you on your big day!

May the Almighty keep you in best of the bonds. May the union be the strongest & unbreakable for a lifetime. I wish you set affection, coherence & empathies as the ABCs of your marriage amalgamation. Congratulations on your wedding and all the best of luck!

You are the cutest couple my eyes have ever witnessed on this land. I wish you a very happy married life. You deserve the finest life ahead of my wonderful newlywed. May the blessings be upon you. Accept my enthusiastic greetings on this fantastic event of your life!

You are one of the dearest couples to God to whom He selected to perform a bundle of responsibilities obligatory. I wish you a very happy & blissful family life. I pray to the Lord that He enables you to perform all your duties in the best possible way. Nothing can be superior to initializing your own family. May you share love & smiles in every moment of your new union. Congratulations!

The time soars and things get amended, but I aspire that your love for each other stays fixed & unchanged. I am of the view that this earthly domain survives just because of love and devoted persons. And you seem to be the perfect specimen of it. Endurance, uprightness, attention, and reliance are the formula of domestic contentment. I hope you will keep it in mind in case you suffer some matrimonial issues. Just count down all the ingredients of the recipe & as per need make addition & your life will be a heaven on earth. Congratulations!

Your beautiful union made me believes in the existence of pure love. I anticipate that I will never have to change my belief & you will stay a happy couple ever & ever. Congratulations to you on the eve of your best life!

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